Almost At One Month SmokeFree😀

Almost At One Month SmokeFree😀

Good evening or good morning to all Us nonsmokers😀

What a wonderful feeling this is. I'm calmer and my self esteem is good because I'm respecting myself by not poisoning myself. One dr told my friend..... Smoking is a slow basically for me it is 1 hour at a time and .......NOPE NOT ONE PUFF......EVER!!!!!!!!!

Have a healthy smokefree day everyone❤️


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  • Yes it's a great feeling - bring a non smoker is like a weight lifted off you.

    Just have a lot if regrets about the cigarettes I've smoked in the past...........

    Take care


  • H Arizona,

    Loves how you are feeling so good about your quit :) :)

    Keep it up as you are doing awesome :) :)

  • Good morning glolin☕️ Ya I really am feeling better about myself. I'm protecting myself from the dangers of cigarettes and that makes me feel good. I would never wish smoking apon my loved ones so why did I do that to myself. Hmmmmmmm

    Have a great smokefree day🌷


  • Njoy Arizona

  • Luvin your pic Arizona and luvin that you're feeling good too👍🏼😊x

  • Good morning Briarwood☕️ Made it through into another new day of being smokefree. I found a picture of a little duckling that I'm going to post for you. I know we're both at our best by the water, oceans, seas, lakes and rivers

    Have a wonderful day🍀


  • Wish I could give up like you. Weldone

  • Hi Wayneclark. Welcome💐 You know, I think your asthma will improve and you may not even need your inhaler(puffer) if you quit the cigarettes. I actually have allergies to animals but of course hahaha I have animals because they bring me such joy.......AND .....I did have a bit of asthma so the dr prescribed me an inhaler( puffer) to use occasionally along with an antihistamine.... But you know.... This last month of staying off cigarettes has helped me tremendously !!!!

    I went through terrible physical withdrawals ie: exhaustion, nausea, aching teeth, sore gums etc but through all that I felt happier about myself and I have not used my puffer once ( not to say that goes for everyone). But smoking is deadly for asthmatics. Maybe could lead to COPD.... Maybe not.... It's a gamble we all take with our lives when we smoke..... Please really find a reason in your heart to give up these deadly poisons in cigarettes. Keep in touch and I will try my best to help you find a reason to stop the cigarettes.... The people on this site are awesome support❤️

    All the best


  • Hiya Wayne and a big warm welcome to quit support 😊

    So you would like to quit, that's a good starting point. We need to help you get a plan and see the best way for you to get to where you want to be. It really would be the best decision to help your asthma. I'm sure your G.P. would say the same. Have a good look around the site and you'll be able to read how your breathing is affected by cig smoke. Lots of friendly advice to get you started too. Good luck Wayne😊x

  • Can I have everyone's advice please as I would like to give up smoking. One do you have asthma and if so how did you find giving up smoking with asthma. Did you suffer an attack anyone. Many thanks.

  • Hi ya Wayneclark, its lovely see you here and a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support community :)

    Firstly, you say you wish that you could give up smoking :o well, its only you thats stopping you from doing that :o If you put your mind to it and '' really ''want to quit smoking, then you will :) :) and we will help you every step of the way :)

    Wayne, if you have a look to the right and up a bit, you will see Pinned Posts, on there you will find '' quit plan '' have a read through that and make a quit plan :) I highly recommend you do this, cos I know myself, it helped me to get through a couple of hard times :) If there is anything you dont understand, or need help with, or if you cant find it, then please just ask us :) its as easy as that Wayne :)

    Secondly, asthma :o I dont suffer with it myself, but there are quit a few of our members who do suffer with it, some tend to get a bit worse when they quit :o but thats due to all the toxins in your body from smoking :o soooo, when you quit, these toxins are no longer in your body :) so a visit to your GP's will sort this out, a change of medication :)

    As you go along your quit journey, like Arizonasands and other members have said, they dont need to use there inhalers so much :) sooo, thats got to be good eh :) :)

    Wayne, I dont know whether I've answered your question or not, but please, please stick with us, cos there loads of help and advice on here and we will help you to get smokefree when your ready :) :)

    I hope to speak soon :)

    Pete :)

  • I would like to say thank you for your message I will be investing in a nebuliser before I quit just to feel safe I really do panic and suffer with anxity so its a massive step for us all aint it I will keep you and all updated and keep safe

  • Wayne, when your ready :) you just come back on here and we will help you all we can :) :)

    Take care now Wayne and hope to see you soon :)

  • See you soon WayneClark🌷

  • Great to hear your "progress report"!

    Keep up[ the great work!

  • Thanks Will ! Hope you are managing well too staying off cigarettes.... Not easy to do..... Our minds can play tricks on us..... Make us want to light's nice to know we're not alone👬👫👬👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬 xx

  • Good morning Arizona! I am hot on your heels girl! 10 days today! I am picking up what you are putting down! haha - Keep on moving forward and no looking back at the slow death! We have got this!!! :) Cheers to a happy healthy day!

  • Hahaha Love your attitude Coco!!!! Keep on keeping on👯

  • Great work Arizona.

    It's fantastic that you're feeling better now after your withdrawal symptoms. Keep it up, and keep on inspiring us all

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