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Hi all ☺☺well just finishing day 19 as a non smoker yaayyyy lol well thats wot i like to call myself anyway. Still on champix as this time round gonna definately finish the course, and using ecig when need to. Only thing is i swear the cravings are getting worse!!!! And omg am i eating, ive never ate so much in years!!! Can someone please please tell me the hunger pangs ease off as im gonna be as big as a bus soon lol. Well gonna try getting a sleep although thats another thing thats gone bit haywire as well, but still pleased as punch, day 20 here i come xx

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  • Way to go! I haven't gone through the weight gain phase yet.......I'm in day 9 now... You're doing really good. Someone said on this site to drink water and eat carrot and celery sticks. All the best🍀

  • I hope it works for you. Day 19 and the carvings are getting worse? I went cold-turkey and am on day 6. Still getting cravings but less and less in both number and severity.

    Anyway, I hope the champix and ecig works for you but if not, don't lose hope. You can go cold-turkey and at least for the foreseeable future, that is what has worked for me. After day 3 it gets much easier rapidly.

  • Hay Reyter and welcome to quit support 😊

    Congrats on 6 days cold turkey, well done to you😊x

  • Thanx reyter and well done to you especially going cold turkey. Think the cravings worse because had visitors for few days who all smoke!! And although they did not smoke indoors and always went outside just think i was thinking about the evil cigs more lol

  • Hiya Jfty, the sleeping will improve and well done on 20 days quit😊

    We tend to eat more when we quit so chewing gum can help and sipping lots of water.

    Have plenty of healthy snacks ready and if you can manage to do a bit of exercise, it really helps. Keep going it will get easier😊x

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