Good morning Everyone

Well what a change in the weather gone from lovely warm and sunny to chilly and rain :-( ....... hubby and I have planned to go a boot sale and then on to the coast so looks like I will be wrapping up warm ,we are going to look at touring caravans as we are interested in having a seasonal pitch in a place thats about an hours drive from home be ideal for the children to use with the grandchildren as well so thought we would go browsing although its going to be a very slow browse as my breathing still isn't what it should be , infact I'm beginning to wonder if it will ever go back to how it was or if going back to smoking this last time I have done permanent damage :-( ......apologies for getting depressing

Take care everyone and have a lovely day doing whatever you are doing

Cales xx

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  • Morning Lesley

    Have lovely day and try not to be too disheartened, keep the positives in mind. I am sure there are lots of them xxxx

  • Morning Cales, have a good day and hope you find a caravan , sounds really good.

    As for your breathing I have days like that. As I have only one lung I have to keep it exercised by deep breathing exercises and walking. Sometimes a change in the weather effects my breathing. Have you got an inhaler ? That should help. :) xx

  • Hi jillygirl yes I have inhalers and always take the ventolin out where ever I go I will just take it steady while out and only do what I can manage hubby is very understanding

    Cales xx

  • Don't apologise for the way you are feeling Lesley, we all have our down days but at least you are going to get out into the fresh air..... enjoy. xx

  • Typically the breathing does get better, but it too takes a while. Feel positive that at least you are not causing further damage. Enjoy the fresh air!

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