New User, wanted to say hello :) & good luck starting Stoptober!

Hi everyone,

I'd be totally lying if I said I wasn't anxious about starting my first (& last), in fact, since its actually 6:40 in the morning! If anyone has any tips or advice about how not to gain weight while quitting I'd love to hear them, or if anybody is startjng stoptober & would like someone to chat to, give & take moral support & just generally feel like someones cheering you on, let me know! If nothing else, typing on here helps keep my hands busy! Lots of luck to EVERYONE! xx

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  • Morning Pixie,

    Happy 1st of Stoptober 😁 if you have a browse around the site you will find loads of hints and tips on how to get through quitting.

    Weight gain is unfortunately common while quitting but you could try walking more when you get a craving, having healthy snacks like carrot sticks, fruit sticks, low fat yoghurt and dips handy to just reach into however it would probably be better to concentrate on one thing at a time. Smoking first, weight second. My first attempt to quit while attempting not to gain weight was pretty disastrous and I felt like I was being deprived of everything.

    We will all cheer you on here at the site so have a great smoke free day 😁 x

  • Hi pixie and welcome to quit support.

    sadly weight gain is a very common factor when quitting - the main reason is that smoking increases your metabolism, so without doing anything, your metabolism will automatically slow down.

    For me, I purchased a pedometer and kept challenging myself to increase my daily steps. These days 10,000 steps is the norm and generally a couple of days i am near the 20,000. I weigh less than i did when i first started my quit smoking journey 15 months ago.

    often people substitute the hand mouth thing of cigarettes with sweets etc, use healthy options - like lily said, vegie sticks etc..

    See you quitting smoking as a healthier you in all areas :) :) ..this will help you keep weight off and keep your motivation high.

    All the very best of luck on your quit journey:)

  • Hiya Pixie and welcome to quit support 😊

    Yep I found typing on here really helps to keep your hands busy and your mind occupied too. Lots of members joining in stoptober so you're not alone and there's plenty of help and support here for you😊

    As the ladies have said already fruit and veg snacks will really help, you can do it so good luck on your quit journey, stay close to this site👍🏼😊x

  • I followed glolin's advice and got moving more. I did gain initially as I was snacking more when I would have previously smoked, but after a month, I'm not compensating snacking any more - just ordinary snacking :p Doing more walking has helped prevent any noticeable weight gain.

    Good luck with your quit!

  • Welcome Pixie!

  • i was anxious about quitting. but i just stopped smoking cigs. cold turkey all the way,i didn't want to stop one habit to start another. ive only been quit 4 days but i am proud of my self and im feeling the benefits of not smoking already. take one day at a time and chewing sugar free gum helps with my cravings. and i found some exercises on the internet that i can do at home nothing to strenuous though lol :)

  • Hello and way to go🌸 I take one hour at a time and I feel good knowing my body is healing from the inside out....... I was a near chain smoker. I started smoking when I was 13 and the self abuse had to stop. I want to age without smoking related illnesses.......the people on this site are awesome and we're all struggling to stay off cigarettes......... But one huge difference for me is my mood is better and I'm all for that💃🏿 ( one hour at a time)💖

  • Hi Pixie, this is also my first day off the cigs and feeling just the same as you . This is going to be a long day!ha . Here's wishing us both better luck this time. Tina.x

  • Hi and thank you so much for all the lovely replies, support & advice! I feel very lucky to have found such an amazing support group, it means a lot to me.

    I'm over 24 hours smoke-free & I feel very proud of myself! I should have mentioned yesterday, in relation to exercise & weight gain, that I have a staffie-cross dog & she is amazing at getting me up & out to the park, which really helps me to feel better about myself, in terms of burning calories, but I think I will do what LilyMay suggested & stock up with healthy snacks. Some of my motivation for quitting is to feel healthier, & get fitter so for now I'll focus on quitting, knowing that in being successful with that I'm on my way to achieving my bigger goal. Does that make sense?!!

    Keep up the good work everyone, I'm in awe of everyone on here who's got a week under their belt, nevermind months or years, your such an inspiration!

    Bye for now everyone, stay strong! xx

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