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Good morning /afternoon/evening,

I hope everyone is well, Welcome to anyone new who is just browsing the site. Please come and join us everyone is welcome. It is getting near the end of the month and many people will be joining Stoptober, for the healthiest decision they have made for their bodies.

I shall put a few hints on for those who may be interested in stopping.

Meanwhile have a loveley day. :) xx

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Hi jillygirl and everyone else, wherever you all are???? :-)

Very very quiet on here today. I've just got in from work and away back out in a bit. It's true what they say a woman's work is never done :-)

I'm actually beginning to wonder where I found the time to smoke :-D :-D

Hope everyone is well and still smoke free :-)

Catch up with you all later



Yeah! Theres life out there. Hope your ok shantimar. Your righthow did we find time to smoke.


:-) :-) :-)

You think maybe the others have been kidnapped by aliens :-D :-P

I'm good Jilly, just busy busy busy :-)

It is amazing when I first quit I felt that time had slowed down but then I realised it was all the extra time I had not smoking. Now I don't know where that time has gone :-) :-)

Enjoy the rest of your evening, I'm away to freeze at a football match :-)

Hope we win :-D :-D



Enjoy! I am off to darts and snooker night.

Catchup later. Xx :) :)


Gosh Jillygirl, thats one hell of a dart you got there gal :o :D :D :D



hello all,

Hope you are enjoying a nice smoke free evening/day :) :)

Jilly that sounds like a fun night of Darts and Snooker. Before moving over to Aussie from New Zealand I was ranked no#3 in NZ in darts. I am pretty hopeless on snooker.

Hi Shanti - hopes you are having a bit time out just for you - we all need that from time to time :)

Hiya monky, dont work too hard on that admininininin stuff :D



blimey Glolin, number 3.... that's some achievement :) I used to play darts for a team but was never that good or consistent :O to be fair I was always pretty drunk by the time the match had ended .... :O :P

Hi Shantimar - hope you didn't freeze too much hun and that you won :)

Hi Jillygirl, loving the new Pic, who is that gorgeous looking brunette :) don't let monky see ya otherwise you'll never get any admininininin out of him :) hope you had a good evening of darts and snooker :)

I was stuffing my face full of curry with the girls.... well it was buffet night so you can't be seen to be too rude :P :D


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