Day 6

Good evening all my lovely non smokers - hope you've all had a good day. The cravings are still with me but my trusty vape stick is by my side! I find that being more occupied takes my mind off it - spent a lovely few hours with my 2 new grandchildren - 2 more reasons to quit :) :) :) Hopefully tomorrow will be better - have to concentrate on my packing - Mexico here I come!!!

4 Replies

  • Ooh lucky you, 2 new grandchildren how lovely and certainly 2 of the best reasons to stay quit😊

    Your first week over tomorrow, fantastic👍🏼 errrrrrrmm just wondering if there's any room in your case for me😉😊x

  • They certainly keep me on the straight & narrow! One's 8 months, the other 8 weeks!

  • Aw, so cute I bet😊x

  • Mexico? Wow, have a fantastic time! :D

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