4 days quit

yesterday: cravings were bad , but manageable!!.on the internet to see how my body is heeling. Today 4th day quit- 4 Ds 1.Delay acting on the craving for five minutes.- 2. Deep breath.-3.Drink water, 4. Do something else.Tomorrow day five-my liver and kidneys are cleansing the body of chemicals from cigarettes. everyday their levels fall lower and lower.

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  • Hiya moonlight and a big warm welcome to quit support 😊

    Congratulations on 4 days quit, well done on your terrific achievement👍🏼

    Your body is beginning to heal which is great, keep doing what you're doing as you've doing a good job. Lots of help and support here for you, any problems just shout as there's always someone around. Have a good look around the site as it really helps coz we have all been where you are now. Our motto is NOPE not one puff ever and here's to a healthier future😊x

  • I want to be able to exercise again and feel like I can breath, I don't want my mouth to taste like an ashtray anymore,I want to be able to hug my grandchildren and not smell like cigarettes.I don't want to worry that I will be a burden to my grown children one day in the future because of this dirty habit I'm so ready for this but it has been very tough.

  • Yep moonlight unfortunately it is tough but it is also really worth it😊

    This is the best decision you can make for your future health and yes your grandchildren will benefit greatly as well👍🏼

    When I was struggling in the early days of my quit I used to think of my grandchildren and that really kept me going and it will keep you going as well. Stay determined and you will do it😊x

  • Aup Moonlight02, its lovely to see you and doing soo well to :) I bid you a lovely warm welcome to our online quit community :) :)

    Rite Moony, we have a post on here somewhere :o and it tells you what happens to your body day by day :) I will go a hunting again and re-post it for you, cos it just may help you :)

    Is your quit date Monday 13th July :o cos then I can add you to the Wall of Winners :) :)

  • Monday July 13 was my quit day.It has been really tough, but I know if I stick it out it will get easier.Is it that I"m more sensitive to what family members say, or are they just being insensitive I have some time off from work and feel this is the time to quit. when I take the dogs out I smoke, when I feed the chickens or feed the fish in the pond I would smoke, if I would prepare for a task, I would smoke. I was smoking a pack a day, not in the house, only outside. when I have a craving I get on the internet, seems to help.but yes I like to look up where I"m at with the healing process.

  • People who have never smoked have no idea how difficult this addiction is to kick. That's why this site is so brilliant as each and every one of us have been where you are now and understand how hard it is. Take one day at a time and believe in yourself and your own ability to do this. Stay strong and you will retrain your brain to handle all these situations as a non smoker😊x

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