Stopped smoking and its working

23 days smoke free. I was a casual / light smoker for 3 years. I mainly smoked in office with colleagues or to take a break from work. I have stopped in the past but the habit comes back. This is the longest I have gone without a puff since I started smoking. I have been going to work regularly but not smoked. Part of the reason is that most people are fasting in Ramadan and no one smokes. I hope to be able to continue the run...

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  • Stay strong, you can do it. Its worth it. :)

  • Woohoo bugdoctor 23 days and counting, well done👍😊

    You can keep going, one day at a time and don't look back. Keep your eyes fixed firmly on the prize........... A healthier and wealthier future👏🏼 be very proud of yourself😊x

  • Well done bugdoctor, your almost at a month quit.... whooooohoooo... 😃😃😃 don't go back.... your lung function will have improved and maybe some of your colleagues who have stopped for Ramadan will continue like you have...😃😃 treat yourself hun with the money you have saved..... we will support you in your quit so make sure you keep us close by 😃😃

  • A ginormous well done to you for reaching 23 days quit Bugdoctor :) :)

    Your going great guns pal :) just you keep drinking plenty of water and exercising and dont for get NOPE, Not One Puff Ever :) :)

    Take care now and stay focused :)

  • woohoo!!!!!! are doing fantastic!!!!!!...keep it up :) :)

  • thanks everyone. I was really craving for a puff the other day and all the positive energy from the group really helped me go along. I have been running 3-4 times a week, and its helping. 30 mins of running gives a rush which is rather similar similar to a smoke on a cold grey morning. I am gonna treat my self after Ramadan, after I finish one month of smoke free.

  • Well done bug doctor, you definitely deserve a treat👍🏼x

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