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So I've decided to stop smoking. I'm only 23 and I've smoked since I was 15. I also have asthma! This is my first day off them, but throughout the day my chest has been feeling tight and my breathing slightly wheezy from time to time! Is this normal? I really hope I haven't done any real serious damage at my age. I can't help being paranoid about what smoking has done to my health. I also have a wee one who I want to see grow up so this is my biggest incentive to stop. Can anyone give me some advice?

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Hiya Crazyhou and welcome to quit support :)

Congratulations on making the best decision for your health and just to put your mind at rest, it's very normal what you are experiencing :)

It's just your body adjusting to not smoking and it's all part of the healing process :)

I can understand you worrying as you have a little one but try not to worry too much :)

Can I ask if you are using any nicotine replacement or are you going cold turkey :)

If you are still worried then you can get your Doctor to check you out :)

Your body will recover from the effects of smoking so that should help to know that :)

If you have any problems at all, just come on here and let us know how you are doing :)

Stay positive and strong in your quit and remember you CAN do this :) x

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Hi Crazyhou, congratulations on making the best decision you can for you future health. You are still young enough to fully recover :) :). Like Briarwood has said, what your experiencing is one of the many parts of the healing process. Take a read of some of the info on the right hand side of the page as there is lots of information on what happens as part of the healing process.

It maybe get a little tough in the early days/weeks, but it is so worth it in the long run.

Stay strong and keep telling yourself you can do this :) :)

Good luck :) :)

If you have any questions, just ask away as i am sure there will be someone who has experienced the exact same thing. If you have any health concerns, talk to you GP :) :)

PS..welcome to this wonderful quit support group :) :)

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Hi Crazyhou

Nobody advertises the effects of stopping and there can be some very strange ones. I like to think that it just demonstrates how much smoking effects your body. You should recover quite quickly at your age and try not to worry. If you want/need reassurance, go and see your GP who should help you. Well done on taking the decision to stop. This is a brilliant quit site..everyone on here is right behind you.

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Hiya Crazyhou and a big warm welcome to our lovely community :) :)

I think the Girls have said it all and given you some great advice :) I cant fault them one little bit :o :D

So, good luck to you and you just hold that head of your's up high and feel proud of yourself :)

Take care now :)


Hi there Crazyhou, Welcome to quit support. Like Monky says the girls have said it all. However if you have a look on the hints and tips on the right of this page you may find information to help you. If you have any query please just ask. We try our best to help. I shall add your quit date to the wall of winners, so you will be awarded your badges on your quit journey. Good luck and stay positive. :)

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never give up


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