6 months quit

SO I quit smoking, it was difficult but more so on those arround me who angered me; it didnt take much. Am I happy that I stopped, I think so, deffinatly feel more of an individual rather than a member of the pack of smokers huddled together (for warmth) outside the pub. Havent been to the pub since I quit, cant face it.

However, post quit I still feel sort of drunk and out of ballance,and have had loads of spots and cold sores that apear every month or two.

Has anyone had similar?

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  • Hi theent

    I went through having low blood pressure which made me feel dizzy and a little drunk as you describe. It was worse at the beginning of the quit but it did get better. There is an explanation to do with blood cells carrying more oxygen than they're used to but I can't remember the whole story on that. Don't worry too much as most of us feel a lot 'wierder' than anyone tells you you will experience. Just keep with it, it all passes! Well done on your quit and if you feel the need just check it out with your doctor. Although I have found they don't seem to know much about the less common side effects

  • Hi theent and well done on your 6 months quit, great achievement👏🏼

    Sorry to hear you're out of balance but definitely the spots are quite a common side effect. i think when we quit we are more in tune with our bodies and notice these effects more. As Rozi has said these will all pass and if you don't see an improvement, it's worth getting checked out by the Doc, at least it will put your mind at rest. Be very proud that you're a non smoker now👍😊x

  • hi theent,

    Congratulations on your 6 months quit, that is a fantastic effort and you should be feeling so very proud of yourself :) :)

    Hang in there as i am sure what you are experiencing will pass, However, if you havent seen your GP recently i would suggest getting your blood pressure checked - just of peace of mind.. this quitting sure does put our bodies through the wringer especially if you smoked for many years...

    definitely worth it!!!!!!!! no smelling like ashtrays....lots of extra cash......not having to stand outside in the freezing cold.... :) :)

    stay true to you :) :)

  • Hi ya Theent :) massive great big congratulations on your 6 months quit :) :)


    As Rozi says, we did have a post on here about dizziness etc, but it was some time ago now :( but I shall still go a looking for it and I will repost it for you, cos it just may put your mind at rest eh :) :)

    Take care Theent and see's ya soon :)

  • Thanks everyone, I will go to the quack eventually, soon ish. What can I say Im old fashioned most people who know me would be Horrifed that I am on a site like this.

    Dispite not posting very often I have found the shared experiance a port in the storm of kicking the habbit.


  • Hi theent what a Great quit you have got going on.. 6 months is fantastic hun 😃😃😃

    Sorry your feeling out of sorts but im sure it will pass.....keep up the good work 😃😃

  • Heyyyy, Theent, this site is a big happy family :) and we all want the same thing, and thats to be FREE of the smokes :) :)

    Theent, there's nothing to be afraid of :) sooo, please post or comment when you feel like it eh :) :)

    Whether your old fashioned or not Theent, I hope were helping you to kick mr nics butttttt :D :D

    Hope to speak to ya soon Theent :) Pete :)

  • Has this passed for you?

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