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Quit on February 7th 2018

I quit smoking on February 7th 2018. I started out using the patch. . some rough days but ive found over the last week i don't seem to need to use the patch everyday any longer. I was a smoker for @ 31 yrs .. Side effects I've noticed are bleeding gums.A few Bad dreams ' some insomnia. . But other that those ive been good.. I'm determined to do this.. And even with the side effects. . I honestly feel So Much better I have more energy and i can smell better taste my food better and breath so much better..

Also can anyone give me your thought's on where the best places are to place the patches on are at ? Any suggestions? ?

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Welcome Mlevine,and thank you for joining us. First of all may I recommend you have a look at the pinned posts.

many questions can be answered there, also lots of tips etc.

including insomnia and sore mouth etc.

The pinned posts can be found at the right of this page or the bottom of the page, depending on which device you are using.

We look forward to supporting you with your quit journey.

I will add your name to our database and assign you your badge.

Please let me know your exact quit date as you have said March , which we have not reached yet. I will put your date as 7/2/18 if this is incorrect please let me know.

May we remind you when putting on a post, It will ask you which you option you wish to choose who can see your post.

everyone. or only followers of my community.

Please choose the only followers of my community as this will stop spamming and trolls.

Thank you.

:) xx

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Yes sorry.. My quit date was / is February 7th of this year.. Im on day 21 as of today ..


No problem I guessed right. :) xx

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Hi Mlevine and welcome😊

Our lovely admin has given you good advice already👍🏼

Make sure you put the patch on a different part of your body each day and upper arm and shoulder are good. Many of our members have successfully used them and I’m sure...


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