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Happy Wednesday :)

its end of day 6. So tomorrow will be my 1st week nicotine free :).

I bumped into some old workmates of mine randomly at a pub. We all used to smoke together back in the day. It was really weird but they smelled really strongly of tobacco. I never really smelt this before.

I'm a bit torn about this weekend. I am supposed to meet a good friend to catch up over a few drinks. I've known her for almost 10 years and we always smoke together...I definitely don't wanna smoke. And I surely dont want to be around my smoker friends. Anyone have tips on how they handled their first night out with their matea cold turkey? I like the fact that I'm nicotine free and don't want to use substitiutes (nrt, vapes etc).

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Hiya Cassie, congrats on your 1 st week quit cold turkey, what a terrific achievement👍

You have experienced the smell of tobacco and realised how strong it is now you've quit and this is how your friend will smell when you meet up. First night out is tough but you can do it, hold your head up high and be proud you're a non smoker and you don't want to smell like that. If she's a good friend she'll understand and maybe won't go outside to smoke as much without you. Stay positive on your quit and enjoy your night out. You CAN do it👍😊x


Congratulations on your first week of many more as a non smoker :) :)

it will be a challenge for you Cassie, but you CAN do it. Often new quit smokers can fall in to that "just one wont hurt" when they are drinking.:O :O

Make sure your friends know your have recently quit and ask them to help support you with this,

Good luck....and remember NOPE not one puff ever :) :) and you will be just fine :) :)


Hi Cassie, great news...1 week free of nicotine :-)

Your in charge and when you see your friend ( smoking ) tell your self ...

At least i stopped, and encourage that person to stop as well...

You can do this :-)

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Thanks for the positive vibes :)

@Nataloush - hows your quit going? You sound really positive as well which is amazing!


Glolin has hit the nail on the head. Most certainly, let your friend know you've quit.....AND YOU'RE FEELING REALLY GOOD ABOUT IT. You don't want her offering you "sympathy cigs". Don't preach to her. If she asks why & how you're going about it, by all means tell her, otherwise your quitting isn't up for discussion. If she does offer you a cig, knowing you've quit, graciously accept it & immediately flush it down the toilet....she won't offer again. If she chooses to smoke around you, don't allow yourself to feel deprived. We don't envy heroin addicts, nor should we envy nicotine addicts. They're enslaved, you're free!


Cassie, your the strong one and you are now a non smoker😆😆 you have already stood firm with your ex colleagues so being with a friend should be a lot easier 😆😆 as the others have said, make sure you tell them you have given up 😆😆 good luck with it but stay strong 😀😀

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love it as iv had to do it and im cold turkey i found not going outside with them helped but when they came back stinking of smoke i knew i was doing the right thing,,,, ps my all time smoking friend quit because iv stopped last week so its a thing they all wanna do your just leading the way


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