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So after my Dad had a heart attack this Valentine's Day ,I decided to give chap ax yet another go .Quit day is Friday always find it hard around the 5/6 week mark always thinking I haven't had a fag ,not surprising I've smoked for 35 years ,fed up of paying out for fags now plus getting out of breath to quick,can anyone help me ,on what I can do to stop me thinking about smoking ๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ˜Œ

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  • Good for you bevie . You can do it. Make sure you prepare I.e medications or whatever replacement you plan to use. I too have smoked 35 years and tried several times failing all the time. This time I will not give in . The support from here is fabulous and will help you lots. Take 1 day at a time, don't think yo far ahead. It's tough I know but we can do it :) good luck here to chat x

  • Thank you so much think family and friends are fed up with me trying so only people who know are my sister and husband doing champix for the fourth time ๐Ÿ˜Œ It's getting past the 6 week mark its the habit part good luck to you too

  • Thanks Bevie ha ha I know what you mean my family just looked at me and said again we will see :) let's prove them wrong . Yes it is a habit and has become part of our lives , so it's a tough ride we are on. I am on the e cig , tabs and everything else failed, just finding the right prop so to speak. We can and will do it this time :) :) x

  • Can you just take a brisk walk instead of taking a smoke break? That will occupy your time, and get your blood flowing. And soon after your quit you'll notice the improvement in your breathing.

    I have found I feel better, smell better, look better...its win win win! I was almost at 30 yrs myself and quit cold turkey. My husband also quit cold turkey. He now HATES to be around it, the smell disgusts him. Ha - isn't that funny? Ha

    Surround yourself with nonsmokers?

    Def check out this site for tricks and hints and helps!

    Good luck! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!



  • Hi coco, wish I could surround myself with non smokers, all my work colleagues are smokers . Downside of being a social worker :( . That doesn't really bother me this time I will go out with them for fresh air only :) I love walking and once my caravan opens in march will be there every weekend walking for miles can't wait :) you and your husband are so strong going cold turkey wow what an achievement :) well done I know I couldn't do that, tried and lasted a day :( I know what your husband feels like I hate the smell of cigs on people now , never noticed on myself , but sure I did stink lol. Determined this time never lasted nearly a month :) :)

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