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Day 2

Hi day 2, feeling good and patch on. Just done an hours weeding in my elderly neighbours garden for them. Finish up and put all tools away and came in for a coffee, sat down a realized that I was breathing quiet hard, maybe its always been like this but I never really noticed before. Maybe I will keep an eye on it and see if it improves as the days go by.

Hope that everyone is doing well, time for a 30 min break then of to start on my own garden. xx

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hiya Deb, Well done, You are doing ever so well :) :)


Hiya Deb, I think we become more aware of our bodies when we quit, but just keep an eye on it anyway. Great job with the weeding, you're always welcome to pop round and do a spot of weeding for me😉x


Hi all, well day 2 nearly done. Feeling good and cravings not to bad. Went to doctors for 5 year check over. Just the usual things blood test, weight check, blood pressure etc. My results weren't to bad, blood pressure low but thats normal for me, under weight still, have been since birth of my first son so thats normal for me also. The nurse asked if I was still smoking and I told her 'No been stopped for nearly 2 days'. It felt good to be able to say that and she said that ' was great news and wished me all the best with my quit'.

Going to have a nice long soak in the bath and then just chill out. Hope that everyone has had a good day Debby x


Sounds like a really good day, and the soak in the bath....heaven :) You have done loads, and 2 whole days quit!! Great job deb :) Have a lovely evening...and feel very proud! X


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