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Productive day!!!

Well Monky you would be so proud of me! Ive cleared up my entire rear garden, been out there all day! Got rid of all the rubbish. Just going to relax now as back to work tomorrow, that Xmas break went soooooo quick! Hope everyone is ok, I've come off my patches now and just relying on my eciggie when needed. Feel proud I've got thru Xmas without a fag! Heading towards 2 months quit and so grateful to you all for helping me xxx

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Sharon, I am dead proud of you gal :) :) Although you've had some difficult times, you've got through them and made it through Christmas smokefree :) :) A massive whoooooopy dooooooooy :D :D

I just cant fault ya one little bit :o getting out and about is great for your mind and body annnnnnd very productive toooo eh :) :)

So, you've cleared the rubbish from your entire back garden then :) Does this mean, next doors got it now :P :D :D

Ermmmm, time I wasnt here me thinks :o zooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom xx


Sharon well done! xx


WOW, How good are you !! Well done on all the hard work.2 months smoke free despite your problems is a HUGE achievement & you should be really proud of yourself.Christmas is hard but you've got thru smoke free.Brilliant Sharon.


Hiya Sharon, I'm soooo proud of you too, well done on a great quit :)

Be very proud of yourself :) :) x


Thank you everyone, totally couldn't have done this without all your support, kind and caring people all of you, I will keep going to show everyone including myself that whatever life throws at you Mr nic never helped anyone or anything xxx


Wow you've been a superwoman. You've done an amazing job. Well done!!! So proud of you. Huge hugs and congratulations...... Have a good day back at work...xx


Well done to you for both the garden and the fags. Keep going! X


Wow well done you are a inspiration to everyone

hopefully u have had a good Christmas break

look forward to a smoke free 2015

love liz xx


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