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At the end of the day, it's up to me

Hi to everyone,

The end of day one for me. Here's hoping and wishing. I have been a smoker for 55years and I am bored dodging about trying to find places to smoke. Always sitting outside no matter the weather. I want freedom. Tried before but to no avail. I feel there is something different this time.

I wish everyone Good Luck and success.

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Hi Neknit and a big warm welcome to quit support :) :)

Well done on getting through day 1 that is just sensational.

Are you using any form of nrt to help you through?

Take a read of some of the info under the topic headings as there is a wealth of information :) :)

We have some awesome members here who are always ready to help offer support. I for one would not be where i am today without the help of these lovely people.

We have a little mantra around here..NOPE,,Not One Puff Ever... :) :) all the very best of luck on your quit journey :):)


Hiya neknit and a big warm welcome to quit support😃

Congratulations on day one and the great decision you have made👍

we all want freedom and that's the great thing about this lovely group of people as we have all been where you are now. You can do this and we are here to help you anyway we can. If you have a problem or just need a chat, there's always someone around, just shout. We're a friendly bunch so good luck on your journey to freedom😃x

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Hi Neknit, I felt the same with my quit, I new it was different this time, enough is enough, it was time for me.

Freedom at last !! :-)

I'm wishing you Good Luck with your quit journey. :-)

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Thank you all so much. Yes, we went to Fagends. And got some stuff to help. It's me and my husband who are packing in together. It's nice to know we are not alone.

Regards M&M

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Hi Neknit 😃

Well done on your 1st day quit 😃

Totally understand the freedom thing, it's great not having to get up 1/2 hour earlier to smoke (well that's what i did😔) plan journeys around smoke breaks and even making sure you had enough to last the night. I would always buy another 20 when I finished work whether I needed to or not and smoke them anyway coz they were there 😢

Yip so glad those days are over 😆

You can do this Neknit

Good luck, be strong, be positive and you will do it 😃


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Welcome to the first day of getting your life back

I have been a slave for so many years to something that does nothing other than make me want it!.

I derived no benefit from smoking. Cost £8 per day, made me cough, made me smell, made me conscious of my health and the damage I was doing and all for a 2 minute buzz.

Each day that passes it gets easier and easier, although there will be crucial times when you feel you absolutely must have one. That will pass.

I am still on NRT gums and these take the edge off , I wanted to break that physical link between nicotine and lighting up.

Please keep going, step through each day, learn what triggers those cravings and come on here and tell us how you are doing.

Jim x


Hi Jim, thank you for your advice. We are holding up and still going. A bit of a sleepless night but I expected that. It's only been 28 hours(who's counting) so baby steps. NRT patches are ok on a 24 one. Hubby on mouthspray.


Marg and Mark

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Hey neknit, welcome to you and hubby😃 well done on getting through the first day.... sometimes that is half the battle 😃😃

I have up on patches but didn't keep them on all nite coz I have really weird dreams anyway and didn't want to make them worse... I took mine off about 20mins before I went to bed.

The only tips I can give you is make sure you always have a spare patch in your bag....in case you forget to put it on... as also make sure you change location and sides of your body as the patch can irritate you 😃

Good luck to you both and keep us posted....we are a nosey bunch on here 😃😃😃

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Hi Marge and hubby, a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support community :) :)

Thats great news you have decided to quit and together as well :) soooo, you can compare notes and help each other along the way :)

I see you've had loads of great advice from some of our lovely members :) :)

Rite, Patches, I see our lovely Droopy has given you some really good advice and all I can add to it is to try to stick them on your upper part of your body if you can, cos they seem to work better :) but saying that, I've stuck them on the tops of my thighs and on my bum tooo :o but just dont seem to work as well. Also, ermmm, they made me a bit ermmmm, lets just say windy :D :D

Quickmist mouth spray, another excellent choice :) If Mark gets hiccups when he uses it, try pulling one side of your mouth out with a finger, then spray it on the inside of your cheek in stead of the back of your mouth, this may help :) or spray a bit on the end of one of your fingers and very gently rub it onto your upper gum :) or spray it onto the back of your hand and lick it :)

By the way, there is nothing stopping you using 2 NRT products to help you when the going gets tuff :)

If you need any help, please, please just come on here and we will try to help you :) :) We have a mantra on here - NOPE Not One Puff Ever :)

Good luck :) Pete :)


You CAN do this, just one day at a time but small steps add up to miles and miles when added together. Be proud of how far you've come already, prepare for those hard days and soon you'll be free of the cigs and nicotine without even realising how much time has passed.


H xx

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