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Smoke smell on others after quitting

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Pammywammy3 MONTH WINNER

Hi everyone.

I need some advice. I have quit smoking by using a e cig and going to a hypnotherapy session. I was a heavy smoker of 40 a day and have now not touched a cigarette for 3 months. However, I have the most huge cravings sometimes but I bash them away and power through!

My question is this:

Since giving up tobacco, my senses have heightened and I can now smell a smoker a mile away. My husband used to smoke and gave up a year before me. Yet now, when he's close to me, I can smell the faint smell of smoke.

It has happened a few times. I also smell it on his breath. The 1st time I smelt it I was still smoking myself and I found cigarettes in his pocket. He admitted and said he was stupid to do it especially knowing I was due to quit so he stopped (apparently) again. I can now smell it all over again and have questioned him about this and he says he hasn't touched any but I can smell it!! He kissed me the other night and I felt sick... I smelt fags. It made my tummy go all icky. Am I going crazy? Please help me. I dont trust the fact that he isn't having the odd fag here and there but I know what I smell! He says i'm mad. Im worried I am! I am also worried that because I have caught him before, i'm smelling things that are not there! Any input would be great thanks x

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Hiya Pammy and a big warm welcome to quit support😃

Massive congratulations on your 3 month quit, fantastic so well done👍

I live with a smoker and yes, what you say about the smell is the same for me😝

So NO NO NO you're not going crazy and smokers don't really know how bad they smell to us unfortunately😳 I use a lot of scented candles and air freshener😂

When he sees how well you're doing, it might make him realise errrrrrrrrrm well he is a man so I'll leave it at that😁😁😁 keep going with that great quit you have, as you're doing brilliant😃😃x

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Forgot to say buy a big bottle of mouth wash for him👍😃x

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droopyJLTW MARVELOUSNESS in reply to Briarwood


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Hey pammywammy and well done hun on your fantastic quit 😁😁 maybe hubby is telling th truth.... lately I get in my car and it smells of cigs... now I have stopped for over a year and no-one has smoked in my car since go figure..!!! Maybe that's the same for you...

Are you still e cigging? Maybe that's we other you can smell???

If not hold back on the kisses for hubby.... maybe he will decide to give up again 😁😁😁

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Hi pammy and a big warm welcome to quit support and a massive congratulations on your 3 months quit :) :)

Umm, not sure what to say in regards to the smell of cigarettes. If it is hubby sneaking the occasional one, My advice would be to keep doing what your doing and hopefully hubby will come on board 100%

Try not to say anything as he is probably feeling bad enough about it. :) :)

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Aup Pammy, its lovely to meet you and a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support community :)

As you can see, av just been out and court you a new 3 month Winners badge and may I say, it looks nice by the side of your name :) that is a fantastic achievement and I hope your very proud of yourself :) :) If you could please let me know your actual quit date, then I can add you to the wall of Winners and present you with your new Winners badges as and when they are needed :) Thankyouuuuuu :)

Now then Pammy, I see you have had some great advice from some of our lovely members already :) My advice to you is, please dont get onto hubby about smoking, cos he will just dig his heels in more and it might just cause an argument and that might not be good for you and your quit eh :o Thats if he is smoking :o

Pammy, although you are now well and truly on with your quit its still pretty early days, your mind and body are still adjusting to your new healthier lifestyle :) so your sense of smell might just be going overboard at the moment eh :o We've had members on here that hate their fave food now that they are quit :o :D :D so please just give it some time and just flippin Enjoyyyyyyy your freedom gal :) :)

Pete :)

I agree -- after all, you can only control your actions, or try to! Just keep on with your quest as you are definitely to be congratulated!! Best not to put him on the spot!! I am new to the group too, so welcome!! ☺️

Hi Pammy, Yes you are to be congratulated, :-)

My Hubby still smoking, and I'm Like Briarwood using scented oil burners and air fresheners !!! I hate the smell now, yuck, so I know what your going through.

Give him time, miricals do happen !!! :-D :-D

Stay Strong, keep us posted. :-)

Hi pammy 😀

My hubby still smokes I still smell it even after he's showered, it's mad to think we once smelled like that 😕

Try not to be hard on your hubby, he's probably trying to support you by not letting on he's still have a smoke, but that's men for you ( not our Monky of course😜)

Is it the smoking or the fact you think he's lying ?? Just talk to him say that although you would like him to quit you understand that it may not be the right time for him and you will be glad of any support he can give you but not to lie as you're going through a tough time quitting and not to make you feel worse.

And if he is still smoking put him outside to smoke that's what I do with my hubby, he also eats lots of mints but he still ain't getting to kiss me 😂😂😂😜😜

Just you concentrate on your quit and be positive

Take care


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Hi pammywammy, if you Think he is smoking you need to talk to him. Have a heart to heart talk vowing to support each other in staying away from fags. I do the vaping as my weening off fags. We can’t let fags dictate our life we need to get back the time we spent on smoking. I’m sure y’all will do fine together.

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