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I started smoking after quitting 5 years ago

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I quit 5 years ago. And I was so proud of myself. Then in April this year my elderly mother died and then 6 days later my brother took his own life.

I have bipolar and after the 2 funerals I was sectioned and kept in hospital for 11 and a half weeks. I was so stressed out in the hospital environment that I started smoking again and kidded myself that it would be easy to quit.

Now I'm smoking around 10 cigarettes a day and it's so annoying AND expensive and bad for my health.

I am 53 years old and I live on my own. I've had four cigarettes today.

I have some nicorette inhalators and cartridges.

At the moment smoking seems to be the only thing that cheers me up which is a bit sad and pathetic and stupid really. I'm scared to quit due to the anxiety I feel but I'm also scared at what these cigarettes are already doing to my body.

12 Replies
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Welcome back Buttons, Sorry to hear what you have been through. Its not surprising you relapsed. Mr Nic has a way of waiting until your vunerable.

However looking on the bright side , you have succeeded in the past and you can do it again.

Have you thought about using the inhalator and also patches. Then you may find you dont need those cigarettes.

Do have a look at the pinned posts there is plenty of info on anxiety etc.

Just let us know when you start your quit (without ciggys) and we will assign you the correct badge.

Make sure you keep hydrated to help you with your quit.

Lovely to have you back. :) xxx

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I'm allergic to the plasters

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Thank you for your support xxx

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Sorry see how you go. I stopped with the inhalator. I found it ideal. :) xx

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Hi Buttons,Welcome back to Quit Support💙. I'm sorry to hear that life has put you through the mill as it were.

As jillygirl says ,you quit once before we're sure that with a little support💪 you can quit again.

I know it's not easy hun but instead of thinking about all the harm you're causing by smoking,try thinking about how much healthier you'll be without those cigarettes.

Keep this site close,you can do this with a little support.🚭👏xx

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Thank you for your support xxx

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I’m so sorry that you’ve had to endure all of this. You had quit for so long before, you can do it again. Xo

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Hi Buttons, you’ve had such a lot to contend with.....all big life changing events which, compounded, has caused you to seek solace in something familiar. My guess, anyway and I do fully understand why you picked up again. The glimmer of light seems to be your awareness that the fags aren’t alleviating the pain any and you’re aware of the damage they’re doing..... a bit of a double bind which can sometimes kickstart change. Plus you have that marvellous 5 year evidence that you CAN pack it in......truly amazing achievement!

However, please be gentle with yourself. You’ve experienced some really heavy duty emotional stuff and to share how you’re feeling with someone could help you deal with your grief and loss. Process these experiences, then you could deal with quitting but, of course, all this has to be made up of your own choices, not mine. One day at a time. One step at a time. My love and strength to you, Poll x

So sorry to hear your news. Have you tried the 1.5mg Niquitin minis? I, like you gave up and ended up starting again and have found these minis so useful. Just pop one under your tongue or between your teeth and lip and they really do the trick for me. Might be worth a go. All the best and good luck x

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Hi buttons_37. I'm sorry to hear that, but I think you're a strong person and can start all over again. You can try switching to vapes, if it's hard for you to quit at once. I tried this method and it really worked, though I've been smoking for 6 or 7 yers.

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Hello Kimashik, I've had to remove your link as we do not allow advertising on the forum.

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Dear buttons, you are not stupid nor pathetic. You have gone through alot😞. Please don't beat yourself up🌷. If you quit once, you can certainly do it again. When the time is right for you, we will be here to support you. For now be gentle with yourself, as you need to heal.💚 we aren't going anywhere🌞

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