Serial quitter focussed on stopping for good this time

I had my last few cigarettes (probably more like 6) on Monday morning before work. I had my last cigarette walking to work then put a patch on. Also using lozenges and a puffer. I was smoking around 20 - 25 cigarettes a day, including through the night on waking.

I believe I have tried to quit about 20 times in the last 18 months and don't usually get past the first day, but if I have I then failed at the first weekend. Prior to this I hadn't smoked for 2 years.

This time I feel a little differently, more focussed and am taking every measure to quit for good this time, including signing up here for support, which has been helpful already. I've told my friends I cannot see them this weekend as I find seeing other's smoke gives me a sense of 'missing out' then I end up begging cigarettes and ending up back on them again.

So that's my story.


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  • Hi Amanda really well done on getting to day 3👍 and you seem determined which is half the battle. You have already put plans in place to prevent you lighting up so in my opinion this is definitely your time. Have a read of the pinned posts cause there is lots of useful info to help you through and I am so pleased I found this site when I quit cause it has helped me tons. Stay strong and focused and you will succeed 😄

  • Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I feel focussed this time. I think I am leaning into my cravings, as per something I read on here somewhere, so they are passing me by instead of taking hold and getting stronger and stronger so I end up running to the shop. Now I see them for what they are, a simple craving that lasts just a short time, and don't become wrapped up and taken over by the emotion... (^o^)

  • Hi Amanda :) you sound really positive this time around and like you have really got a plan, well done you :) i find that to be the hardest bit, actually deciding to do it :) when you have the fire in your belly to quit, everything else kind of comes naturally :)

    Well done you! Try and work out what your triggers are and avoid them like the plague :)

    Wishing you the best of luck with your quit and if you need any support, you know where we are :) x

  • Thank you sooooo much. I love this site already! :) :) :)

  • This site some days is the only thing that keeps me going, i dont want to let everyone down :) its very important to me!

    looking forward to hearing more about your quit journey as the days go by! xxxx

  • You should go to

  • This looks very inspirational to keep me off the fags! Just forwarded to my home email address and will have a good read later. Bless you.

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