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Happy Easter to all my cyber friends !

Happy Easter to all my lovely friends on here, so sorry havnt been logging in as regular as I would like but I have just had a good read and notice how many people you are all helping with their quit, this site is so important to us all, it's support is second to none, not just with the quit but with everything we all go through in life, I am so grateful I came across this site because I wouldn't have got through the past 4-5 months of my quit with out you all, Ive had personal problems, health scares are amongst a few things you have guided me through with kind words advice and support, this has restored my faith in human nature, when unfortunately family members and friends have let me down you have been there to rescue me from depression and reaching for those dirty poisonous killer fags! I love you all with fondness even tho I've never met any of you I feel you are all my close friends. Thank you x

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Happy Easter to you too Sharon. I agree, this site is amazing how we support everyone. We truly are like o e big happy family sharing the triumps and tributes. 💜💜


Hiya Sharon, lovely to hear you are doing well and wishing you a very happy Easter too 😃 as Lin so rightly says, we are like a big happy family who share good times and bad 😃 hope you have a nice rest after all your hard work and health scares. You've come through it all and stayed quit, so well done Sharon 😃 xx


Happy Easter Sharon! Lovely to 'see' you :) Hoping you've had a great start to the long weekend :)

And Happy Easter to you briar and Lin and everyone here! So far it has rained all day where I am :o but the forecast is promising something better so I'm ready 8-) :)



Happy Easter to you too Betts,

I am up th river for 6 days😊☺️😊☺️

So far we have had glorious weather. Easter is the last long weekend before winter, so can often be a hit or miss weather wise, the days are reaching mid 20's which has made it perfect😀

Hopes Easter bunny pays a visit and drops off some chocolate 👍👍


Thank you glolin! Have a lovely time up the river. Mid twenties sounds perfect 8-)

We'd like some of that here.

Personally, I should do without the chocs - piled on a bit of 'plenty to get hold of'. But heyho! Can't pass up on chocolate at Easter :)

Hope your chocolates don't melt! You'll have to find em quick, before the Sun's too far up :)

Enjoy :)


Aup Sharon, its lovely to see you :) :)

I hope your well and loving your new smokefree life :) :) I know what you mean about your family and friends not helping :o cos without this lovely quit community :) I would not have done it :o soooooo, I second that flippin massive THANK YOU EVERYBODY :) :) xxxxxx

Take care now Sharon and Hay, you be good eh ;) :D :D xx

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Thanking YOU, lovely monky!

Now, it's time I got my beauty sleep :D :D


Wishing you sweet dreams and a good lie in :)

Notey note.......


Warm cuddly Sweet dreams heading your ways Betts :)

Notey note gal, a luvs ya :) xx


Hi Sharon, I agree totally with your comments. This is a little family and it's comforting to know that good people have your back through good times and bad, not only to keep you from reaching for a cig but because they are genuinely caring people :) xx


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