Yay, so excited. Was gonna open the daily chat - but 1. Can't think of a picture and don't have time to look for one. 2. Wasn't too sure if Vee's post was gonna be daily chat, and 3.Was too excited to wait for someone else to open daily chat. It's 1 week since I started my diet and I've lost.....drum roll.........4lb. Heheeee. Of course that will be it now. The first week of a diet is always the biggest loss and will probably be down to a one pound loss next week but hey, never mind no point in stealing my own thunder is there, there'll be plenty of time for thunder tonight by the sounds of the weather forecast.

For me dieting is so much more rewarding than stopping smoking. There's something to show for it. I know there's plenty of rewards for stopping smoking but most of them are long term and can't really be seen. Anyways I'm a very happy bunny and am going out now on a bike ride to keep the momentum going before the rainy season starts. I am down to just the one grandchild to look after tonight, quite glad about that really, lots of quality time to spend with my favourite little man, and he sleeps all night too :) Have a lovely day everyone and hope the day stays dry for you and the storms are not too scary tonight - eeek.

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  • Hi sinfree, That's brill that you've lost 4lb :) just keep going now and you'll soon lose all the weight you want to :)

    Enjoy your bike ride, looks like you have great weather for it :)

    Have a wonderful night with your grandson :) It's great that he sleeps all night, mine hasn't got there yet, although he does have the odd night where he does :D :)

  • Hi Sue, it was a very hot bike ride. Wasn't expecting the weather to be quite so hot and sunny today after the weather forecast I had seen. Its 10.30 at night now though and the rain is pouring :( Olivia has started sleeping through now, unfortunately that is the only time she sleeps, all she seems to do is drink milk all day and never goes to sleep - very hard work! Had a lovely afternoon with my little man at the park. :)

  • Hi Sinfree, sooooooo your dieting now then :)

    Hmmmmm ave been thinking with my 1 brain cell !! :o if you lose more weight the first week you start slimming, then why dont you slim for a week, then pack it in, then start again the following week, that way to my logics, you will lose loads a weight gal, cos you will always be on your first week :| :D :D Am I clever or what !! :o

    Enjoy your bike ride gal, speak later :)

  • That sound like a really good idea Pete, like Jilly says you might have discovered a new diet there. Certainly beats that 5:2 thing where you starve yourself 2 days of the week, don't much fancy that one.

  • Hi Sinfree , well done on the weight loss. Bet you pleased with yourself. :) Dunno about Petes logic. Sounds good to me. :D

    May be he can bring out a new diet plan monky diet. :D not atkins.

  • :P :P :D :D

  • haha, monky diet - I like it :D

  • Hi Sin, glad you've finally started to lose a bit. I was keeping a food diary but writing everything down - a lot more convenient than having to go on-line to do it. I don't believe in dieting or calorie counting but seem to have lost about 3 kilos (or half a stone) over the last couple of months so I'm happy with that - so long as it keeps going in the right direction. :)

    Hope you enjoyed your bike ride today - haven't managed to get out on mine for over a week now. I did finally clean it last week and hope to get out some time next week.

    Have fun with you grandson tonight. :)

  • Hi Andi, I have to calorie count cos I'm a pig. As a result of checking calories etc, we had one bag of boil in the bag rice between use last week, where usually we have one each! Had tiny little piece of apple pie with one blob of fresh cream on and that was it. Usually it would be a large piece of apple pie with lots of cream on, then finish it off the next day! And flaming mushy peas, a couple of miserable little spoonfuls is over 100 calories - tsk.

    Was hard work that bike ride. It was roasting this morning and wasn't really expecting that, 29 degrees according to my bike computer. Also when I got home my husband picked my bike up to move it and said it weighs loads, no wonder I was struggling. So I weighed the stuff I had in my panniers. Came to well over 1Kg in weight, then there was the padlock and chain that he'd sneaked into a little bag on the back of MY bike, I reckon that probably weighs a kilo too. Cycled to Home Bargains for some nicotine lozenges, I'm keeping them in business with those things.

  • Glad you enjoyed the bike ride - just think of all the extra calories you used having to push that extra weight about, it's only making up for what you've lost on your body! :D :D :D

    I made a bag of b-i-b rice do 3 meals this week :o Have you tried using brown rice - it's got a lovely nutty flavour but takes about an extra 10 minutes to cook. Not sure if they do it in b-i-b yet though. ;-)

  • Hi Andi, have only just seen your reply. I know brown rice is more filling than white and is also a complex carb so should last longer before feeling hungry as I suffer quite bad with sudden drops in blood sugar (makes me very angry person grrrr) but don't see it much in shops and can't cook rice from scratch to save my life, have tried so many times with dire consequences, either hard bits, too mushy or all stuck together bleugh, so tend to stick with boil in the bag now.

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