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Cravings bugging me again -arrggh.

I've not posted for a while but still log in daily to see how others are getting on.

Going into my 11 month quit now - and just started my 3rd month totally off nicotine. Stopping the nicotine was a bit of a challenge (as Yellow snowdrop said - 'It's like giving up again') - and it was... but not so bad with withdrawal and that.

Since then, all has been going great, - except the last couple of days. I don't know why but the thought of smoking just keeps popping into my head. In my imagination I can even smell the smoke and it's giving me the right hump!

There's no reason for it, nothing out of the ordinary happened, it's just come out of the blue!

I suppose it goes to show how long it takes to get over a 30 year smoking habit and that you should always be wary of the dreaded nicotine craving.

One things for sure - I ain't going to give into them, I'm just gonna have to stick them out. I'm not far away from a 1 year badge and I'm not gonna slip up now!

Just hope they disappear as suddenly as they appeared.

Keep at everyone.


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Hi Simon,

And well done for nearly getting that fab 1 year badge.

I think you have hit the nail on the head, it is just getting out of the habit after so many years smoking, i havent stopped as long as you, and i was kind of blind sided by a few cravings a couple of months ago, no rhyme or reason to it.

I am still on nic in my vape, and i am dreading getting of it, i think i am going to have to go cold turkey :( but yellowsnowdrop has given me some good advice so hoping i can do it, just not sure when i should try lol.

Stay strong x


Hi Pinkiezoom,

Yeah - its weird but that electronic 1 YEAR WINNER badge is a huge driver for me. haha

It's odd isn't it that the cravings just hit you out of the blue. Mind you, speaking to a couple of long term quitters, it seems to me that it can take years to feel totally free from smoking.

I didn't stop the nicotine till 8 months, I think yellow snowdrop stopped at 4. I don't think it matters really, everyone is different. I did dread it but then thought, I'll give it a try and if I need to I'll just go back on it. Luckily, I haven't been back on it but I still have a bottle of 11mg liquid at home just in case :)

I'm sure you'll do it when you're ready, just don't worry about it. If it takes a few more months, even years, who cares it's way way more healthier than smoking.

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Hey that is my attitude too, that it has to be better than smoking that is for sure :)

My dad gave up 26 years ago, and could still murder a smoke from time to time! So i am assuming it never totally leaves us, it just doesn't control us any more. :) x


No question.. I would go out in a snow storm @ 2am. Nothing would stop me from my cravings. This time so far so good. It can happen @ any given time. For me ,nighttime

a real killer



Simon, YEAHHHHHHHH you keep talking fighting talk pal, cos you ARE going to beat that flippin mr nic eh :) :)

You hold your head up high pal and be PROUD of your achievements :) :)

Take care now Simon and keep strong and focused :)

Pete :) sorryyyy, no kisses for you, well, unless you really really want one :o :D :D


Well done Simon, that's a great achievement :D

Sometimes a craving just hits and there is no rhyme nor reason for it but stay strong :)

Unlike monky, I will send you some xxxxx's :P


Hey Simon, g'day from downunder,

I was struck by the same afflication recently & gave in to it. I can assure you that it was less than satisfying, in fact, it was down right disappointing (in a good way). Rather than try for yourself, take my word for it, there is NOTHING satisfying about a cigarette when you're no longer addicted to nicotine. Fortunately, I'm back on track but it was a really dumb risk to take.

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Well said Roneo and good for you :) x


Suppose when you have been smoking a long time it takes a long time to get over the addiction. I have a friend who is an alcoholic he did two years without a drink then went back on it but has been clean again for four years. He always says he is an alcoholic who isn't drinking. Perhaps we have to think we are smokers who are choosing not to smoke. Addictions are probably all the same. Hang on in there.

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Hey there Simon,

I'm possibly just a couple of weeks behind you quit wise but the same thing has been happening to me.This afternoon I was really hungry and went to get a glass of water thinking I would have a cig as well and I wouldn't be hungry anymore!!!! Old habits die very very hard.I still sometimes dream I'm smoking which is totally weird.

I did stop my nicotine at 4 months but still kinda wish I'd gone a bit longer unfortunately I couldn't coz of my op,I used my ECig with nicotine just 2 hrs before I had my back fixed,kinda had no opportunity to after that.Hang on in there,as you say ,we can see that badge that says 12 month winner because we're so close to it.I wouldn't go back now,we've come far to far to give in now.I see the odd craving I get as Mr Nic gasping his last in a vain attempt to lure me back.Well done on a totally awesome quit,nearly 12 months down.



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Nice one Helen :) :) xx


Cheers everyone - comments and support really appreciated.


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