Sloths Sunday!

Well confession time.....I have done absolutely nothing all day today!!! Sloth is my middle name and after a stressful hectic few months I really needed this! The good news is that I haven't spent a penny either today cos I havnt gone out of my door lol, I'm still enjoying my rest of the evening and I do not feel guilty because I really do not know if and when I will ever get a lazy Sunday like this again lmao! Please someone join me in a sloth sunday!!! Xx

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  • I wish. After having 3 rooms decorated last week I have been washing ornaments, cleaning pictures and furniture and generally getting rid of all the nicotine. I am worn out, have just eaten a lovely Sunday roast and that's me done for today. Glad you have had a rest day, we all need them sometimes.

  • :) :) xx

  • Sounds like you've had a great day Sharon :) I've had a day of cooking, cleaning, building a chicken coop and entertaining my daughter. I'm now knackered lol x

  • :) :) xx

  • SHARON, I just cant flippin fault you in any way or form gal :o cos you well and truly deserved this ermmmm, Sloth day :D :D

    I cant recall me having a Sloth day, but I have had sluggggggg days, when I am veryyyyyyy slowwwwww :D :D

    Before you lot say anything, NO, I dont have em every flippin day seeeee :P :P :D :D :D

    Sharon, you flippin enjoy gal while the goings good eh :) :)

    See's ya soon :) :) xx

  • Hey Sharon...GOOD on you!!!!!!!.... :) :)

  • Hi Sharon, my hubby is just the same. :) :)

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