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My name is Justin, I was diagnosed with COPD and Bronchiectasis on the 16th October 2014 and gave up the very same day aged 35 year. so its nearly bee 3 whole months. I don't miss smoking one little bit, just wished I given up earlier prior to me catching a chronic illness.

Give up while you can and dont end up like me.

I wish you all the best of luck in the world


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Hiya Justin and welcome to quit support :)

Congratulations on 3 months quit, well done :)

Thankyou for sharing with us and unfortunately some members have been forced into quitting due to health problems but now you have stopped which is the most important thing you can do. I also wish that I had stopped sooner or never started smoking but we can't change the past :(

Just know we are doing the best thing for the future :)

Take care :) :) x

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Thanks for the inspiring post Justin. Big welcome to you. :)

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Hi Justin, Welcome to quit support. Well done for bring smoke free for 3 months that is really good. Keep up the good work. I smoked for 17 years and I wished i never staring smoking as well. But i am glad i do not smoke no more. :D xx

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Thanks for posting Justin, and brilliant to have 3 months quit!

We all wish we'd quit sooner, preferably never started. So my aim is to keep what I've got as OK as I can from now on. Yesterday's history :) Tomorrow's a mystery :)

Keep looking after yourself, and congratulations on quitting!

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Thanks for sharing Justin and a big welcome to quit support. Like the others have said, we all would have done things differently if we could only turn back time. Well done on your 3 months quit and continue to do the best you can yo keep yourself in the best health. :) :)

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Hi Justin, I'm Pete and I would like to welcome you to this lovely community of ours :)

A great big well done to you Justin for quitting the cigs when you did, cos most of us think that smoking eases stress and boy, you must have been stressed that day :( :( but NO, you made it your quit day :) :) I take my hat off to you pal :)

Thank you very much for coming on here and letting us all know what the flippin ciggies CAN do to us, even if we are as young as you are :o

Yes, I think most of us feel the same way as you about wishing we haddent started smoking, BUT, when we started we where young and just diddnt know any better :o BUT, now we do know better, we can try to do something about it, as in quitting like you have done :) Justin, that has got to be the best ever decision you have made in your life :) At least now you have chance to recover :) cos I tell you, our bodies are the most amazing pieces of machinery, and if you help them, like you have done by quitting the cigs, then they will help you :) :)

I too, wish you all the bestest luck in the World

Please stay with us Justin, just come and have a chat with us and maybe a bit of a giggle too eh :D :D It all helps pal :) :)


Hi Justin, welcome to this brilliant group :) well done on your 3 month quit, that's a great achievement :)

I currently help to care for my mum who has end stage COPD and get frustrated with her that she STILL smokes despite not being able to breathe, or walk, or eat much or get dressed but it just goes to show the hold nicotine can have.

the good news about you giving up smoking is that you have pretty much halted the progression of a very nasty disease and most definitely won't be helping it grow :)

Take good care :)


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