Poor eciggie

Hey everyone, just a quick one to make u laugh, I am now only relying on my low dose ecig now, came off patches as didn't really get along with them, after 2 months and 1 week quit I have run over my ecig with my car and yesterday I dropped it in my works car park all day and then found it on the pavement soaking wet, this morning I woke up to it in my pj top! I am extremely clumsy but I must say these little ecigs are very robust and I really can't believe mine is still working lmao!! X

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  • Brill I love it Sharon. :D :D

  • here ya go Sharon xx


  • Hiya Sharon, it's like you ..........made of strong stuff, well done :) x

  • This has just had me howling Sharon :D :D

    Briar, that's a lovely thing to say :-)

  • I thought that would make u all laugh, omg glolin my daughter said I need it put on something round my neck!! My ones a VIP eciggie I wonder if they do one for that, emjay my kids think it's hilarious what it's been thru and I'm still puffing away on it!! And briarwood thank you sweetie for your kind words, not sure I would survive being squashed by a car and left out in the rain for 8 hours lol xx

  • Ha ha - what else can you do to it? (Short of murder) :)

  • well think of it as you have saved yourself money on not having to replace it


  • LMAO :D :D

    Like Briar says its a tough cookie, just like you :) Staying strong, that's what we like 8-)

  • Well done!! Xx

  • Thank you everyone, I'm wondering if I should treat myself to a new one cos my cravings and mental fights with mr nic keep coming back strangely and suddenly xx

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