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Yesterday, I had an appointment with my neurologist, Dr Burn. I last saw him in March 2014.

He did various tests on me, as usual, and found that I had improved in my eyes, and my balance. That's so cool. Of course, I don't notice the progress, but when we compared with last year, I could see those things were better.

He also said that I must not even think of employment for at least another year. (That was stressing me) I can do a little voluntary work if I want!

He was also pleased that I am going to progress from Jack, the mechanical horse, to a real horse, at the RDA next Friday. Most medical people are always anti horses, and I suppose I blame them. That was how I got my TBI two years ago.

Anyway, I'll let you know how I get on.


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Hi Nutkin thats good news. :) :)


Hi Nutkin, that is great news, keep your positive attitude :) :)


Hay Debs, thats great news gal :) :)

Sending you loads a big strong huggs for next Friday to help you get on the real horse and enjoy it like you used to do :) :)


That is absolutely great news xx


Thanks so much xx


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