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Happy 1st Anniversary JillyGirl

EmJayFounder Quit Support

JillyGirl, I really can't believe it - a whole year!

I remember everyone here on Quit Support- all your friends, waiting in anticipation for Mr JillyGirl to let us know how your operation went, and that you were able to have your whole lung removed safely and get rid of that dreadful disease, lung cancer - that almost cost you your life :-)

After originally booking you in for your op on Christmas day, this whole year could have been so different. We were so thankful to hear that they decided to bring the day of your operation closer.

Moving the date to a couple of weeks earlier gave you the better outcome :-)

Following that, you have had a year of hard work - making sure you get better and back on the mend. A touch of chemotherapy that simply didn't agree with you, lots of supermarket trolley pushing exercises to help build up your strength and teach you to be able to work with just one lung.

I really do believe though that it is your whole outlook on life and positivity that has determined your overall outcome :-)

You really are one amazing lady and have touched the lives of so many people here. Your support to others has been amazing. You've always found time to look after our newbies and encourage others to get back on track and have another go. You are also able to keep our Pete on track to and out of the oven!

I hope you celebrated with a nice glass of your favourite tipple yesterday :D

To me, you are such an inspiration and when I grow up I want to be like you :-) :-p In fact, I take that back because what I have learnt from you is never to grow up!

Congratulations JillyGirl and most of all, Thank You for being you :-)


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Awe! petes lumpy gravy stuck in my throat again. I couldnt have done it without all of quit support, all those spears and loving vibes everyone sent me. Thank you , and all quit support members. :)

Wow Jillygirl I can't believe it's a whole year already, a BIG HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY to you :) you are amazing and we're all privileged to have you on this site :) Emjay has said it all, your such a fun caring person :)

Thank you for being here and being such a brill friend to us all :) xxxxxx

jillygirlAdministrator in reply to loopygran

Petes gravy is getting lumpier. :D :D

Words just don't seem enough after what you've been through so I'll just add my congrats on the year of smoke freeness (is that a word ??!!) &also add a hug for good measure.

quit14 Month Winner

Hello & very good evening to you all and esp. Jilly

Well it looks like I am just about in time to add my BIG appreciation to you Jilly, couldn't agree more with these comments and "yes" you are a STAR. Very very well done to you on a year of enormous bravery & courage, and A MASSIVE THANK YOU for all your help, especially in those early days.

Back soon

Mr NOPE / Jonathan



Thank you all for the lovely comments. So good to have friends like you all on this lovely supportive site. :) :) :)

Friezfriend13 MONTHS WINNER

Better late than never, many many congratulations on your amazing and inspirational journey, I don't know where you found your strength but you did, and shared it around with everyone else, thank you. Ps I rather like Jolly girl! xxx


Good evening everybody :)

Especially, our lovely Jillygirl, who I adore and admire so so much, not just for her courage and determination to get through that awful time, but for the help and encouragement that you have given to me and everybody else on this lovely site :) :) So its a whole Year now since your opp, so I will just say one thing to you, THANK YOU :) :) ok ok thats two words then, but who's counting :)


Oyyy, you cant blame my lumpy gravy tonight gal, cos I aint made non see :o have had baked beans tonight :) mind you , there flippin lumpy toooooo :o :D :D Brrrrmb whoooooops, sorry I think we had best open a window or two eh :P :P :D :D :D

Jillygirl, there will always be a big big place in my heart for you gal, luvs ya xxxxx


Thank you friezefriend and pete. Well will just have to blame the lumpy beans now. Love you all xx xx xx :)

Hay jillygirl, just read your profile and some of your posts.

A truly scary time you must of had, but what remarkable strength you've got to fight you way out the other side.

Best wishes,


jillygirlAdministrator in reply to MMoo

Thank you Ian, your doing great too. )

Adding my sincere congratulations to you jillygirl what a triumph, what a star! thank you for being there for us all too when you have had so much to deal with yourself, Mrs Inspiration x x have a fab day

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