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Happy Wednesday!


Hi everyone, just catching up on all your posts, my day off today and I've had I nice day, after my appt with my nurse (smoking cessation) did a bit of shopping and treated my self to a few bits to reward myself for my now 3rd week of being a non smoker, looking forward to my 1 month badge I will hopefully get from you guys next week, he he, and hope some more new members will join in our chats soon!! Xx

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thats great Sharon. A bit of retail therapy is a good for the soul, even though it sure is hectic at the moment with the lead up to Christmas.

you are doing doing brilliantly with your quit :) :) ..Keep up the great work

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Thanks glolin, must admit I only went to one shop in town, I'm the same hate all the Xmas chaos lol, I was looking at people outside shops having a fag and said to my daughter how I thought it would make me crave one but it doesn't, not sure if that will come at a later stage or whether it's different because my mind is made up I'm not gonna smoke again, do you think after I wean off the nicotine patches it will become harder for me or have I gone thru the worst? X

glolinLONG TERM WINNER in reply to Hidden

I am not really sure sharon as I quit cold turkey, In my opinion, if you have your head in the right place you have gone through the worst part. When i see others smoking, i actually feel sorry for them..once i made the decision to quit, not once have i been tempted to have one..I do still get cravings from time to time..but i know that i will not have one..I so love he NOPE...Not One Puff Ever...and that is all i need to keep myself smoke free. I wondered how i would cope in stressful situations. but after the past 2 days, i know that i am fine with that too.

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It will be hard when you first drop down to the next stage patch, but it then gets easier :) especially if you stay in that frame of mind, '' I'm not gonna smoke ever again '' :) :)

I think you've got through the worst now :)



Just a little badge to keep you going until you get the real deal :D

Glad you had a good day coz you deserve it :) x


Thank you, loving my 3 week badge!!!! Xx


Hi ya Sharon :) good on ya gal, 3 flippin weeks quit now then, whoooooopy doooooooo :D :D

Dont you worry about your 1 months badge, cos ave got it all under control see :) it will be freshly catched and shindedededed up ready for you next week :)

Thats it Sharon, you reward yourself for the hard work you've done and be proud of getting to where you are now, thats smoke free gal :) :)

Stay focused Sharon, cos your doing ever sooo well :) am rite happy for you gal :) :)

Speak soon :) xx

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Thank you Monky and briarwood, had some bad news today my dog is going to have to be put to sleep next Friday at 3pm, unfortunately I had to book this today as I have been putting it off for 3 weeks now and hes showing signs of being in pain now, he is a very large English bulmastiff and is now 12, he has been my loyal and loving best friend and I'm going to devestated to lose him, I was supposed to take him tomorrow at 3 but I just want one more week with him, really dreading this time x

droopyJMarvellousness LTW in reply to Hidden

Ah Sharon, that's very sad about your dog :(

BriarwoodAdministrator in reply to Hidden

So sorry to hear your sad news Sharon, we love our pets so much that it's very difficult to say goodbye :(

You have given him a wonderful life and you'll have lots of happy memories of your time together :)

Thinking of you :) x

droopyJMarvellousness LTW

Hey Sharon 3 weeks quit....... whoohoo hun :)

Glad you got yourself a little treat today :)

Well I quit on patches and I just made sure that I had nicotine gum handy - just in case - for when I reduced the nic patches :O

I only used the patches for 8 weeks and hated the taste of the gum so have been nic free for 6 months.... :) Do I still feel like a cigarette??? Hell yes but these good people on here keep me slightly sane, Mr nic will pop his ugly, smelly head up at some point but you just need to bop him on the head, very hard so that he struggles to get back up :O :P :D

Keep that great quit going :)

Hi all :-)

Long time no see :-)

Sharon I've had quite a stressful time lately, and I really thought I would be back smoking, I really really did but know what I've never even thought about smoking at all :-)

You've done really well so far, my hubby still smokes and I try to encourage him to stop but I don't think he ever will :-(

So sorry to hear about your dog


droopyJMarvellousness LTW in reply to shantimar

Hi Shanti, how are you doing hun? I think you have done fantastically well to stay smoke free hun, maybe your hubby will quit once he gets his head around it :)


Hi Droopy, not too bad. Funeral tomorrow, we held it back for family to come from overseas. Seems so long ago now :-(

Just catches me unaware at times, I think I'll go nip in to see her but she's not there.

Things will get better and I'm really surprised I never smoked. My other sisters went out and had a smoke when it happened but it never crossed mind. If I get through tomorrow I'll be fine and will be able to get through anything :-)


droopyJMarvellousness LTW in reply to shantimar

Oh Shanti hun, I will be thinking of you all tomorrow. You all have wonderful support around you, its gonna be hard but I know you have some great memories of your beautiful, brave sister :)

Well you know where we are if you need us :) -x-

shantimar in reply to droopyJ

Thanks Droopy

Will have a proper catch up soon


monkyAdministrator in reply to shantimar

Hi ya Shan, I am soo proud of you for staying quit through this very hard time :) :)

My heart is with you and your family and am sending you loads a warm, comforting, lean on my shoulder, stay away mr nic huggs to help you today :) :)

Take care now Shan :) xx

Betts in reply to shantimar

Hi shanti

Thinking of you, especially tomorrow. Xx

BriarwoodAdministrator in reply to shantimar

Thinking of ya Shanti at this sad time :)

You are an inspiration to all of us :) x x x


Hi shanti, so sorry to hear you have lost your sister, I'm thinking of you, you are so strong to not reach for a fag at this time, this has been an inspiration for me when I have to say goodbye to my best friend archie on Friday, I'm very tearful all the time so god knows what I'm going to be like when he's gone, you sound like a lovely family, thank you for your message even at a time when you are going through so much, pls keep in touch xx

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