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A bit flat today

Morning everyone, I'm approaching 3 weeks on Tuesday, feeling a little flat today and missing smoking, bit worn out from a first week in new job so reluctant to keep busy today as want to relax, not sure whether to keep busy and maybe sort out my bedroom of clutter or just lazy around but must say ciggies are on my mind today and in feeling irritation setting in x

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Eh up Sharon,

I'm feeling the same today, refused to go out as I knew I would buy some cigs :(

You're doing really well & probably feeling the benefits of giving up :)

Don't let all that hard work go to waste :) That's what I keep telling myself.

Do you have an e-cig? Or other nrt?

Maybe you could go for a little walk & breathe in some nice fresh air :)

Hope you're feeling better :)



Thanks noonie, Sundays are not the best days for the newly quit I reckon, I'm doing the never ending arguing in my brain and know the answer is always gonna be to not smoke but don't you think sometimes it's so mentally exhausting! I've decided to not go out today aswell and just sort out my wardrobe and later go for a little walk if I get stir crazy! I am feeling the benefits of breathing better and healthier generally but mentally still fighting with Mr nic, I no its not gonna be easy but looking forward to not having to be controlled mentally by it all the time, 2 nightmares last night so took my patch off in the night, I'm puffing away on my ecig like a mad woman today, he he, thank you for your kind words and thanks for letting me no I'm not alone with this phase xxx


Hiya Sharon, you have had a busy week with your new job and have done brilliant :)

When you feel a bit flat you gotta dig deep and remind yourself why you don't want to smoke anymore :) Nearly 3 weeks done and ya think you miss them, I thought I missed them too but it's the habit we miss, do we want that dirty smelly habit :X NO NO NO :)

They won't make us feel any better, they will make us feel worse :(

Tell yourself you're doing a fantastic job, which you are and NO surrender :)

Sending calming hugs to help you :) x


Thank you everyone xxx


Thank you briarwood, I have not got alot of support at home, my daughter (19) son (16) have never smoked and have been on my case for years to quit, I finally have and they can't understand how hard it still is at week 3, as far as they are concerned I should be over it and cured now! Hence why I come on this site! No one at my new work smoke or ever have so I'm pretty much on my own with this struggle but at least I have no temptation around me and I can imagine it's harder if your wife or husband still smokes, thank you again for helping thru my withdrawal and long process xx


Is it safe to quit my patches and just have my gums and eciggie as the patches are irritating and I'm having to take them off in the night due to nightmares still, I'm on week 3 Tuesday? X


Hi Sharon, sorry your feeling like this today, it aint easy though is it but we all stand firm together :)

Do your kids have something they couldn't live without??? Xbox/PS3, mobile, coffee, chocolate, alcohol??? get them to give something up for three weeks.... when they get to the end of that three weeks (if they last that long...) then tell them they are giving it up for the rest of their lives....!!! That should do the trick ..... :D

As to your patches.... I never had them on at night coz they gave me awful dreams so I just used the 16hour ones and took them off about 30 mins before bed. It worked for me, you also have to make sure you stick them in a different place each time :)


Omg I am going to use that droopy on my son with his xbox and my daughter with her phone, what a brilliant comparison, I can't even imagine either of them giving them up for 3 hours let alone 3 weeks, thank you!!! I worry alot as I have suffered depression for many years and get frightened it will come back as for past 6 months I've felt alot better, I'm on medication for depression so I no it is being controlled,coming on here helps me to realise what's normal for quitting and it's not my depression creeping back! Next Sunday I'm going to go out Xmas shopping so I'm not in all day to see if it helps as I've never liked Sundays, even as a child, strange but it's my least favourite day of the week! Xxx


OMG Sharon, like you have always detested Sundays..... for me it meant going to church, having a weekly bath (needed to be clean going to school) and going to school....!!!!

Now its guilt about not going to church, having a weekly bath ( :P )and going back to work :O :P

Will be curious to know how the kids get on :)

I try and take myself off now on a sunday - whether its a walk or going into town for a mooch, don't know where you live but maybe try visiting museums or galleries - something cheap anyway - or going for a mooch around a sunday market (even a car boot)....

Keep busy hun and stay focussed you are doing sooooooo well :)


Hello ladies, I hope you tow are feeling a little brighter Sharon and Noonie. You will have days where you feel a little flat.

Like the others have said, revisit why you are quitting...think of the hard yards you have done already...think of the money you have saved already and how much you will save by staying quit. :D :D

You both are doing brilliantly....believe in you ability to kick the ciggies for good :) :) :)



Hi Sharon, hope today is a good one. Feel those benefits, it is so hood to breathe, and just know that you're gonna be able to do it a lot longer now you've quit! Walking up a hill is souch better than be fore now. That's my test, I love that I can do it easier. And voice problems I had are much better - might manage a bit of s car somewhere other than singing bass :o

I have the same with no understanding or sympathy or praise at home and love droopys suggestion :) But WE KNOW on here, and YOU ARE DOING AMAZING!!!! :) :)

Am just loving you're success Sharon :) :)

Keep on trucking there, we're with you all the way!

Have a great day and feel very proud!



My typings rubbish :o

Singing carols is what I'm looking forward too (not sure anyone else is though :o :D )


Thanks Betts, you are funny, my voice will never sound good smoking or not lol!!! Seriously tho, you are great for cheering me up and making me smile, I think u will all me proud of me Monday as a work colleague confided in me that she was a smoker and we had an extremely busy and stressful day, I offered her a lift home and she said u no your doing well with your quit but don't you want a fag with me after the day we've had? It took so much strength to say oh no way ive gone to far now to havec fag but thanks anyway, I was so relieved when she got out the car but so proud I didn't cave in, health wise I feel so much better no way do i want to feel ill again xx


WOW Sharon that was a HUGE step for you and I am soooo proud of ya..... as you know smoking don't help stress at all so you did real good hun :)


Congrats Sharon for resisting temptation, it's not easy but you did brilliant, so well done and keep up the good work :) x


Thank you, it was the first time I've been put on the spot and someone said to me be careful that smokers dont try and encourage you to smoke again and this was definitely one of those situations, once I said no way firmly she reverted to telling me how good I was and how she couldn't be that strong especially after the day we had on Monday (we had just finished an 11 hour shift) but all I kept thinking was how sad it would be if I had that one fag, it would probably taste discusting, make me dizzy, probably cough and before I new it I'd buy 10 fags and be coughing choking every morning and feeling like crap everyday!! No way have I gone thru the past 3 weeks for nothing so I now know that my mind is 100 % decided I am a non smoker now!! There is no turning back to that life of being controlled by a stick of poison that takes all my money and is slowly killing me, I feel relief and wish I had this strength years ago!! Xc


well you keep thinking like a non smoker hun coz you are one now :) Just be mindful that flippin dastardly mr nic may try and tempt you, so you have to keep your wits about you :O :)



That took strength, you star!

So chuffed with you!! Great milestone :) Keep em coming, and come on here if it gets tough. We share our wins, thanks Sharon, for sharing yours. Makes us all stronger somehow :o :) :)


Me thinks you need a new badge Sharon for your 3 weeks quit, CONGRATULATIONS that's fantastic :) :) x



Thank you briarwood I'm really looking forward to getting to a month aswell because it sounds more substantial some how lol xxx


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