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Day 8 no energy

Hi, yesterday my patch came off during the day and got stuck to my waist band I discovered when getting ready for bed,didn't bother applying another as night time, woke up this morning feeling like ive been hit by a truck, applied ne patch and have my weekly nurse check up today with results from BP checks but feeling like I just want to stay in bed all day!! Not feeling motivated and depressed is this normal? Is it because patch came off? Also feel totally aggrivated by every single being especially my cats who knocked my Xmas tree over in the night that I put up early and spent 3 hours decorating all to take my mind off ciggies lol

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Hi Sharon, It is still early days yet, Yes it probably is that you didnt have your patch on. Feeling depressed does happen in the first couple of weeks. I still remember crying for no reason at all. Your body is adjusting to doing without all the poisons cigarettes have. Try and muster up the energy to see your nurse. I am sure she will re assure you everything is fine. Perhaps your cat knew you were going to struggle so thought you can re decorate the tree. :P

Keep strong your doing great, dont let that little white stick take control. :)

Please keep us posted. xx

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Hi Sharon, Hang in there...You are doing fantastic..I sure hope your keeping a record of all this as somehow i feel it wont be long and you will look back and laugh at all. :) :)

I had a funny incident in my early days of quitting...i went to put the bird cage outside ( it is a big one on wheels)..got it down the back step and 3 of the wheels snapped off and the one left was stuck...I so was angry atthe world...Hubby was out of town.....sorted that out and then decided to mow the lawns to keep my mind off the ciggies....first no fuel..grrrr.....then once i got fuel, pulled on the rope and it was left in my hand and mower not going...honestly, i think i had steam coming out of my ears. Ended up going to buy a new lawnmower.....BUT,,,,that was also the day that I knew 100% I was in control as i had half a packet of smokes and did not have one.. I often look back at that weekend and smile..that was around the second week :)

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Thank you, I think today is classed as a bad day! Been to see the nurse she was really pleased with me and did my puffer test to find no chemicals in my body, went on to see gp about BP, still borderline but said the quitting will help and no need for meds for this just regular monitoring, they put on my records now a non smoker which made me feel good! My cat is in the cat house for the day lmao!! Booked my nails to be done Friday to cheer me up and to actually appreciate the money I've saved even though I'm feeling a bit poor still, it's hillarious listening to your stories, it's a test isn't it somedays to see how u cope without those ciggies, I just thought to myself having a fag is not gonna make me feel any better about my now trashed Xmas tree all over the floor! Infact it will make me feel a failure so I've picked it up and re done it but if that cat does it again I will make him into a Xmas decoration and hang him from the tree lmao only joking fellow animal lovers!!! Xx


That made me


Hi Sharon, you are doing amazingly well and everything that you are feeling is pretty normal at this point of your stopping smoking journey :-)

Try and see it all as a positive in that if you hadn't stopped smoking then you wouldn't be feeling this way :-) As JillyGirl says, it's your body noticing big time that you are no longer feeding it all those 4,000 plus poisonous chemicals :-)

When smoking cigarettes, you tend to have highs and lows, when stopping smoking, you will have some ups and downs but nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) keeps you on a straight and even path and will help curb the feelings of withdrawal symptoms.

Great to hear that your CO levels (carbon monoxide) are quite low, this is a sure sign that you are doing really well :-)

Stay strong and stick with us, we'll help you all we can :-)

Wowser, that's a nice new shiny badge you are wearing ;-)


Forgot to also say...

if you are really, really struggling the first thing for you to check is if your patch is still stuck firmly in place! ;-)


Thank you emjay, ha ha yes my patches seem to have a tendency to be sticking to my clothes instead of my skin at the moment lol, thank you for my shiney sticker aswell, I told my nurse how wonderful you all are on here today and how nice it is that you can be so honest about how you are feeling and the support you get on here is priceless, she has taken down your details so she can pass it onto her other patients so expect a sudden rise in new people! I'm 100% sure I could have got thru the first week without this support and I am just grateful I found you all, I'm not going relapse and I'm going to be a non smoker forever now, if I'm feeling low I will come on here, I'm also looking forward to helping anyone else if I can, thank you and everyone that bothers to read my posts and thank you for replying as you are all contributing to my success at quitting this horrible addiction xx


Hiya Sharon, congratulations on your lovely new 1 week badge, well done :)

Yep you're right about it being a horrible addiction but we all stick together to beat it and you're doing brilliant :)

Your story about the cat and the Christmas tree will be told for many years and you'll have a good laugh about it, although I know it wasn't funny at the time :)

Here's hoping your patches stay stuck on ya :D :) x

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Hi Sharon, your doing really well hun :) I gave up with patches, I found that after my shower in the mornings I waited about 30minutes before I put on my patch and then got dressed about 10 minutes later. That way I found it stuck on a lot better. Also make sure that you don't reapply a new patch in the same place, it will irritate your skin & could make you irritable too :(

Im delighted that the nurse is pleased with you and that you are giving yourself a little treat on Friday...... you could do it every week now and be the envy of your friends :) :)

Well done hun and keep up the good work :)


Woo hoo Droopy, just look at that fantastic shiny badge, CONGRATULATIONS to you and sooooo glad to see ya :) :)

Me thinks ya bin hiding that new badge in a dark room and now it's time to let it sparkle and shine :D :)

Hope you are sparkling and shining too sis :D :) x x


I had to until I could find me sunglasses..... coz its very spangley ;)

How you been diddling sis and you'll be getting your sparkly spangley badge soon too :) then we go back to being twins :D :D


Hee hee hee :D :D

I'm doing much better now I heard from you :)

Have the littlies all day and sleeping over coz my Daughter is in the middle of moving house, so things are a bit hectic :O

Nearly settled now, thank goodness, cud ya pop over for a bit of clearing up coz it looks like a hurricane hit :O :D xx


Ahhhhhh I am really sorry but I wont be able to come over and do your house work hun............. when I say I wont be able to, what I actually mean is I don't want to..... !!! :O :D :D


Huh :O :P

Ok can't blame ya for that :D

Better crack on if the only hand i'm getting is at the end of my own arms :( :( x



maybe these will help .... :P :D


Hope you got your cleaning done :-)

Know what it's like and I only have the one little one, honestly he goes in the lounge, sits on the sofa and all the cushions are on the floor, there's crisp packets and sweetie wrappers lying about and he's only been in the room 5 mins :-D

My mum says it's the same when he goes to her house:-D



Hiya Shanti, you probably gone to bed now and hopefully get a good night's sleep :)

Hope your lovely Sister is comfortable and sending hugs to both of you, take care :) x


Hi Briar, when I stay over at my sisters, I normally don't sleep. Need to be on hand in case she needs anything.

Don't tell me that's you just finished your cleaning :-D



I don't sleep well at the best of times and definitely not when the children are here :(

Ruby has a bad cough and is quite unsettled so therefore not much sleep :(

I'll head up to bed soon and hope for the best :)

Hope your sister has a restful night :) x


Loving the shiny bling Droopy :) :)

Congratulations on your 8 months quit hun.. HUGE effort.



Thanks Glolin, I appreciate it hun :) how you doing :)


That first week badge sure foes shine Sharon, HUGE congrats on getting thru 'hell week' you've done really well.I had really bad 'blue' days when I first quit,everything was a problem but it absolutely WILL get better I promise.I'm really impressed with your 'smoking won't make anything better' attitude, that's what helped me get thru the bad times.Just keep going you're a real superstar




Hey H how you doing hun??? I have to confess that I have given in and I'm back on the haribo's, although I have cut down to a pack a day, it's really hard and I'm not sure I'm ready to reduce my intake anytime soon...... :O :P


The only way to go is cold turkey, hard I know but you gotta be strong !!!! :-) I'm fine but busy with my mum & trying to finish a bloomin order I have for a bracelet and necklace to match,spent 8 hrs on the necklace so far with maybe 3 or 4 more to go.I'm off the haribo but on the deep filled mince pies (greedy Benny the cat loves them as well) Ho Hum,think I'll just be little and fat forever,at least we don't smoke anymore :-) :-) Hugs my friend Droopy.H x


LOL :D I hate mince pies but I think it's hysterical that Greedy Benny loves em :)

Er you make jewellery then H???

Hope your mum is ok :) -x-


Aup Droopydraws its flippin great to see you gal :) :) :D :D

I aint missed ya ooooo no not me, I aint :o I havnt :P :P :D :D xx


encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/... liar liar pants on fire.... you love me you know you do mister monky.... :O :P :D



Oooooooh, maybe just a tad then eh :o :D :D You still got your walkometer on your tights then :o :D :D


wellllllllll unlike my sis Briar, I didn't drop mine down the toilet.............. no sireeeeee I washed mine in the washing machine...DOH!!!! bought a new one but it seems to be clocking up more steps than I'm doing... :O :P


Hmmmmm, just wandering were you have it attached too :o ;) is it somewhere that moves a lot more when you walk :o :D :D

Naghhhh, they just hate washing machines gal :P :D :D


The one I have now is HUGGGGGEEEEE.. I wear it on my waistband but it keeps popping off... :( need a smaller one or maybe just a smaller waist !!! ;)

Yep pedometers do not like getting wet and that's a fact ! :)

Right I is off to my bed and am sending you some shiny, sparkly hugs and some 'put your pants on' hugs :D

notey note lovely man :) -x-


Ermm, thought you perhaps had it clipped to you mouth :o :P :D :D

Notey note Droopy and yes got mi pants on tar :| so am sending you some warmishshshshsh cuddly have a good nights sleep and no dreaming of mince pies huggs oooo and maybe a few sweet dreams thrown in for ya too :) :)

Take care Droopy :) :) xx


your soooo funny..... NOT you cheeky bleeder :D :D


LMAO sorryyyyyyyyyy :D :D


:D :D


Hi droopy sorry I missed you :-(

At my sister's having a sleepover. How's things with you? :-)

I see your back on your haribo habit :-)

Hope to speak to you soon



Nitey nite Shan and loads a comforting sweet dreams heading yours and sisters way :) :) :) :) xxxx


Thanks Pete :-)

Thankfully I'm on a late tomorrow cos think my Sis enjoys keeping me awake :-D and when she's sleeping she snores (denies it though) :-D

Talk soon



Hello lovely lady, how are things with you? Hows your sister doing?

Yep well and truly back on the habit, I have tried to give up but it aint no good, there so yummyyyyyyy :O :P



My sister's ok, we are taking turns to stay over with her, and give support to my brother in law. Her daughter had to go back home a few weeks ago but is coming back again in next couple of weeks.

I'm being very good and not eating so much chocolate, I feel I've lost some weight but the scales say no :-D

At least we're not smoking and that doesn't taste yummy :-D



Ah your sis has a lovely family around her, its good that you get to spend some quality time with her..... and no chocolate either (says she who is eating a snickers....) well done you :)

Your scales must be wrong hun..... :O :P


Hi ya H :) sooooo you addicted to not just the ordinary mince pies, but the deeeeep flippin filled ones eh :o :D :D Hmmmm, are they cheaper than cat food then ?? :D :D

You will have to take a pic of the necklace and bracelet when you've finished them H, cos I would love to see them :) :) Gosh, your a very clever Lady H :) xx


Yep droopy,I make jewellery for my sins!! Seed beads & Swarovski crystals and pearls.Just small pieces mainly earrings and bracelets the necklace is my first attempt but don't think I'll do one again,just too much work. Greedy Benny the cat also likes slugs,cream cheese frosting (his sister Mizzle likes that as well) worms and his particular fave at the moment is Frankfurters.

Going (a bit reluctantly really) to look at a nursing home for mum next week,she fell again yesterday so we gotta try and think ahead for if she gets worse.

Hey there Mr administrator Pete Monkey,how's life treating you?


Lifes treating me just fine at the moment thank you H :) but could do with less work :P :P

My Sisters and I put my mum into a nursing home about 8 Years ago now cos my Dad just couldnt cope with her cos she kept forgetting things and had a couple of falls :o

For the first couple of days, she just wasnt having it :P but we got her chatting to the others in there and she loves it :) cos I tell ya, she likes a good flippin nattttttter :D :D

They got her meds right after a few trials and then she started calling me Pete again :) instead of calling me Penny, Debby or Jenny :D :D which are my sisters names :)

You have to shop around H, cos we went to see about 5 or 6 before we all decided on this one :) and I think we all sort of felt at home with this one :o if you see what I mean :) some of them felt sort of cold and unloving :o

She goes on day trips, picnics, to the cinema flippin everywhere :o :D :D

Just have a good look around and if you could stay there, then thats the one :) :)

See's ya soon H :) :) xx


Ah H that's really sad but if it's the best thing for your mum then she has to come first. I think (for once) monky is right though you really need to look around, it has to be right for you both....although I may move into monky's mum's one myself as she seems to have a whale of a time :)

Good for you making jewellery... you clever lady :)

Not sure I approve of Greedy Benny's food choices though ........ yuckety yuck yuck yuck :P :)


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