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Hi everyone, just to let you know I am having a 24 hr blood pressure machine fitted on Monday as 2 weeks ago I had a regular BP check which was part of a new patient check due to moving and changing doctors, the weekend before i suffered a haemorrhage in my eye, which looked horrific, I was reassured I was not in any immediate danger but once my BP was taken I was horrified to learn my BP was dangerously high after 3 readings of this I am now having the monitor, my gp explained with my history of migraine, now taking hrt and smoking I'm like a ticking time bomb

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  • Wow Sharon, you sure are dealing with a few things all at one. Hopefully once your GP sorts out you blood pressure, you will start feeling better. Just quitting smoking will certainly help bring that down.

    Having high blood pressure was the catalyst for me to quit smoking. This made me take a serious look at my lifestyle. Out went the smokes and off the couch i got :) :)

    Stay strong :) :) you will get through this :) :)

  • Well it's definitely a good time for a well needed quit Sharon, and that can be pretty exciting. So much to think about, its good to know there is something so beneficial you CAN do. Have you started a plan? Or already quitting?

    Planning really helps. Taking some control of what you'll do instead. And so many nrt options to help if cold turkey isn't your choice. Ecig has been a life saver for me.

    Good luck on your journey, keep positive, and there's lots of people on here to help :)

  • Hi Betts, yes I've quit already and on day 5, loving this forum it's helpful, loads of great advise and information and the support is fantastic, I'm addicted to this already, replaced my ciggies for chatting to people on her lol

  • Hi Sharon, The girls have said most of it. Just take it one step at a time. When your ready to quit we are all here for you. Keep us posted. xx

  • Hi Sharon, you really have had a tough time lately but the good news is that quitting smoking is the very best thing you can do to help yourself feel better :)

    I know it seems a lot to contend with at the moment but your health is going to improve, so stay strong in your quit and you will feel the benefits of it :) x

  • Thank you, I'm feeling really positive, just a bit worried about the fact I'm starting a new job on 24th Nov and how I will cope with the pee job nerves especially the night before and the morning, I'm on day 5 at the moment and havnt been doing too bad with cravings but have been at home alot and away from anyone that smokes xx

  • Pre job nerves lol not pee job nerves, he he, stupid phone!

  • Well you'll be nearly 2 weeks off them by the time you start your new job so you'll be feeling more confident :)

    You are doing really really well :)

    Lots of deep breaths and hopefully you won't have to pee too much :D :D

    Just bring your gum with you for extra stress moments and good luck with your new job as a non smoker :) :) x

  • Thank you again, that's given me something to look forward to, do you actually look better in 2 weeks aswell, ie, skin nails? Xx

  • Oh yeah, you'll look beautiful :) x

  • Yes I have already quit, I'm on day 5 and currently on 24hr patches and occasional puff on an ecig plus gum, feeling not too bad and very very determined!!! Xx

  • Go Sharon! Congratulations of 5 brilliant days achievement!

    And yes, you will look gorgeous :)

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