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Lost The Battle Last Night

Hi guys, as you all know, I was already 5 months clean, I stopped smoking cigarettes and pot last May, and I felt some really bad withdrawals during the process. Last night, my friend invited us to smoke pot again, in which I fell for the temptation and I smoked, maybe I just hit the pipe twice, but I was really high last night. I lost the battle of being totally clean and I feel real bad :( When I was having my withdrawals, these were the effects that I felt:

1. Coughing and spitting of sputum

2. Some shortness of breath

3. Cloudy mind/ having problems focusing

4. Depression

5. some sensation on my hands and head

I cannot remember some, and these symptoms did not happen at the same time by the way.

My question is, Will I feel these withdrawal symptoms again?? I am really afraid that I will have to start all over again. Now, I feel like I am having troubles breathing again, like I feel that I am not taking enough oxygen. I afraid that I will feel the same effects all over again for a long time again. PLEASE HELP.

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Hi de-dust, First of all dont beat yourself up because you gave in last night. Put it down to a learning experience . As for the withdrawal symptoms, I am no expert but I would imagine last night was a shock to your body, and some of the symptoms reacted in shock. As for your breathing try Emjays breathing exercises. If it is still a problem then call in to see your GP. or Pharmacist for advice.

Emjay may be on later and give you more expert advice. Meanwhile stop worrying and just start over again , many of us on here do the same.

Catch up later. xx :)


Hi jillygirl! Thanks for replying, :) Yes I will take everything that I could learn from it and start over again. Actually what I am only experiencing now is just a little shortness of breath, that's all. I am really just wondering, if I will experience the withdrawal symptoms I stated again for another 5 months just from that night? It kinda worries me.


Hi De_dust,

Try and stay positive. I hope for your sake that the one night doesn't bring back all the same cravings that you went through during your Quit.

Like Jilly said. Dont Beat yourself up on it. :) :) and dont look back, just forward :) :)

Good luck :) :)


Hi glolin! :), Well I do hope so that it wont bring back the symptoms. Thanks for your encouraging words, it means a lot :)


Hi de-dust, well just jump right back on your quit and put it all down to a learning experience, lots of people fall down and the best thing is put it behind you and start over because you know you can do it :)

Now you know how bad your body feels after a couple of puffs but although I'm no expert, I don't think you will have prolonged withdrawals from it :)

Maybe a couple of days to readjust but it will be worth it in the long run :)

Lots of us on here think we will feel better when we stop but something we have put Into our bodies for years, we are not going to recover from in a few short months and my G.P. said it takes time, so be patient and you will get there :)

Hugs to help your recovery :) x


Hi Briarwood! Thank you for your response! :) Well I hope so that I wont have the prolonged withdrawals I experienced before. It would be a real bummer :/ Thank you for your concern, I appreciate it :)


Hi de-dust, I would imagine that last night wouldnt give you withdrawal symptoms like when you first started to quit. I would be surprised if you had any at all. Make sure you tell your friends you have quit. If they insist you smoke they`re not good friends.


Yes I already told them, but this one dude kept on pushing and pressuring me to do it again. :(


Hey De_dust,

It may be time to evaluate you friendship with this dude. In my opinion, a true friend would be so proud of you for giving up smoking cigarettes and pot and not pressuring you to take part in a smoking pot session.. Think about how you would behave if it was them that had quit. Would you try and pressure them??..



Hi De_dust :)

For one thing I thank you for being honest with us :) and I see you've had loads of help already from our lovely members on here :)

It just shows you De, it is soooooo flippin easy to go back to the smokes isnt it :( especially if you have a so called friend like you have :( I'm sorry to say this, but you just dont need friends like that :o I suspect he cant quit himself and is jealous of you.

Maybe have a word with this dude of a friend of your's and ask him to join this site and let us see if we cant help him eh :)

Try to learn from this experience so you can sort of be ready for it next time, dont put yourself into a situation like that again, had you been drinking a lot ? cos drinking and smoking are the best of buddies, I know that :o cos its done me a couple of times :(

As for the quit symptoms, I suspect you will get a few but wont last as long, hopefully :)

De, the best thing you can do is get straight back on the horses back and ride to freedom again :) and if you need any help along the way, you just flippin shout out :) :)

Pete :)

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I agree with all the posts... If your friends no you have quit and think it's cool and good to pressure you with smoking cigarettes or drugs then sorry to say they are not friends. A couple of people I know who smoke have offered me cigarettes knowing I have quit but what that tells me is they feel weak themselves and would feel better themselves if I joined them ;-)

Keep strong and stay away from those that try and tempt you to smoke ;-) not easy but it makes you the better person

Onwards and upwards ;-)

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I really appreciate the support guys, it has been very helpful to me. :) I am experiencing some coughing and some soreness of throat again, with just a little shortness of breath, but it is not really that bad compared back then. Just to update you guys about what's happening. I hope that it would not be something serious :S


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