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4 weeks!! Holy Cow!

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coolmama4life6 MONTH WINNER

Never once in my life did I think I would make it this far! I started crocheting which has also minimized my time to use the vape pen too! I am so proud of myself! And my crocheting has kinda taken my time from coming on here to check in with you all so my appologies! But everyone seems to be doing great! I'm a happy girl right now!

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Coco79717 Month Winner

Congrats to you Coolmama! :) Great job!!!

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Pinkiezoom26 Months Winner

You are doing amazing, and just think you can save money on cigarettes and give your crochet items as christmas gifts.... more money saved :) x

glolin profile image

You are doing brilliantly 👍👍🌷🌷

And you should be proud of yourself 🎉

It sure does help if you can keep youself busy, keeps you thinking about something else other than the dreaded ciggies.

Keep up the great quit you got going there 😀😀🎉👍👏👏👏👏

Kimmie49 profile image

Wtggggg coolmama4life good work xxxx

monky profile image

Wayyyyyy Hayyyyyy Coolmama, you've defo made it to 4 weeks and very nearly a Whole month :) :) :)

I'm sooo proud of ya gal :) :) and its great to hear your crocheting tooo :) cos this keeps you, your body and your mind occupied :) ermmm, crocheting, is that like knitting with holes in it :o cos I can do that see :D :D :D

You keep on being a happy girl, cos am loving that :) :) but if you need help, you just come a shouting and we will try our best to help you :) :)

OYYY, you flippin listening to me, or you nodded off :o huh, typical flippin girl :P :D :D

Take care now Coolmama and see's ya soon :)

coolmama4life profile image
coolmama4life6 MONTH WINNER in reply to monky

You totally made me laugh!!! Thank you Monky! And crochetting is like knitting with holes! Lol

monky profile image
monkyAdministrator in reply to coolmama4life

Yeahhhh, but your holes are synchronised :) mine were any flippin how :D :D :D

Hidden profile image
Hidden in reply to monky

Hahaha be nice Pete 😄

Bev1234 profile image

Your doing great Hun

Just thing of the money you will be saving

Then go treat yourself

I did xxx

Keep going

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monkyAdministrator in reply to Bev1234

Hi ya Bev, its lovely to see ya gal :) :)

like you say, saving the money you would have spent on ciggies, soooooon mounts up :o :) :)

Enjoyyyyyy treating yourself, cos you DESERVE it :) :) :)

PS, sorry about your Winners badge, but we had a bit of trouble with the gremlins a few days ago :( but as you can see, we've got it sorted now and back to ermmm, normal :o :D :D I hope :o

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Well done Coolmama, you're really doing a great job and crocheting sounds like a great way to keep your hands busy👍🏼😊x

Hidden profile image

Congratulations Cool Mama!!!!! 4 weeks! Fantastic! "glad you checked in with us to let us know! Keep it up!

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