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We'll today should be my three week quit.

But last week I succumbed to having one ciggie, pinched from my sister who is a lifelong heavy duty smoker.

Didn't I regret it, the next morning lungs felt red raw and couldn't stop coughing when I woke up and that was after just one.

Then the guilt set in, hence my disappearance from the site.

I'm back on track and somehow the fact it made me feel so bad seems to have made me feel stronger.

Does this mean I am stripped of my lovely badge, LOL. :( :(

Hope everyone else is doing ok


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Hey Kas , dont worry we all slip up now and again. You obviously have learnt from your mistake. Your doing great, and not everyone is as brave as you. Lots wouldnt own up about their slip ups. Keep strong xxx :) :)


Well done kas for being honest. Like jilly said a lot wouldnt. That shows you are committed to quitting :) :) and like you said you feel stronger.

keep up the great work and please dont ever feel that you need to hide of you hit a bump in the road, if anything thats really when you come on here and get the support to get you through.

One day at a time :) :)...This time its your turn to shine :) :)


Hi Kas :)

Like the Girls have said, its only a very small blip and you have obviously learnt from it too :) so I think Emjay would agree with Jillygirl and myself to let you keep your well earned Winners badge :) :)

Thank you for being honest with us and please dont think you need to hide from us, cos we are here to help you if we can, that is all :) :) We are not here to judge you or tell you off in any way :o

Kas, your back on track again now and stronger with it too :) If you need any help you come a shouting gal, do you flippin hear meeeee :o :D :D

Take care now and stay strong and focused :)


Thanks for all your kind words. Feeling so much more positive now.

Kas xx


You only learn by making mistakes and you would only be wrong had you not learned a lesson, you now know for sure that smoking is not good.HUGE CONGRATS on owning up it took a lot of courage to do that & a lot of folk wouldn't have.You'll get there in the end,just stay strong and take it one step at a time.

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Thanks For the encouragement. It's great to see your 13 months badge, you've done so well.



Hiya Kas, welcome back :)

It's very hard being around smokers in the early days of your quit :(

Good to hear you're back on track and we learn from experience, so well done :)

We never judge and we're happy to have you here, so stay strong and positive coz you CAN do this :) x


Hi Kas welcome back. Do not beat you self up about the blip. You have done very well for saying you had blip. Like all the people here have said to you. A lot of people would not say there had blip. So you have done well for telling use on here. Plus if you need help come on here. And people will help you. Keep up the good work with you quit as well. :) xxx


Thanks Holly. Feel better after all the support I received on here. I just need to get used to the urges to have a ciggie as I know they will pass after a while.



Hi Kas, am soo glad your feeling better in yourself :)

Yes those urges do get strong sometimes dont they :( Emjay, our lovely quit support adviser told me, ermmmmm many moons ago, when I first joined this forum, that I had got to learn to say NO !!

This was very hard for me to do :o but eventually, I've got there :) When that urge comes, say NO and get up and do something, have a drink of water, walk to another room, wash your hands, face :) then go back to where you were :)

Just keep saying NO, even if it is to hubby, he will have to wait :o :D :D

I'm not sure whether I'm making any sense to you :o but you have to say NO and nip and do something else to take your mind off it :)

If you cant make any sense of this, there is a self destruct button at the bottom for me, just press that :o

( Pete self destruct button ) WARNING, only press if depressed :o or you ''CAN'' understand what am saying :o :D :D


Thanks Pete, you're making perfect sense. All the support I'm getting on here is really helping.

Hoping the more I say NO then Mr Nic will get bored trying to tempt me back to my old ways.

Hopefully won't need to press the self destruct button :)



Congrats on being a non smoker for over a year👏



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