Will everyone just stop it!

I will probably get thrown off for this but I am going to say it anyway. I have been off sick from work for the last 3 weeks and I have been following virtually all posts on here. I only joined in February and every time I have commented or posted something all I have got is kind and welcoming comments.

I don't comment much but really enjoy following the more vocal members. If anyone has a problem with friends chatting and supporting each other should think again. Monky don't you dare zip it. And that goes for all the regulars!


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  • Hear Hear I agree 100%

  • Rozi, I could HUG you but I can't so I'll have to send you the biggest virtual hug in the whole world ever (((((((( HUG )))))))) Thank you for being a voice of reason.Helen x

  • *jumps in on group hug* :D

  • Joins in on hugs too! X

  • Thanks guys. Hugs back

  • Hugs from me too x

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