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Post for Brenda :-)

Post for Brenda :-)

(Brenda's original post:

I have been smoke free for 16 weeks now but I can not stop chewing the Nicorette and my doctor will not give me a prescription weekly now and I cant stop the craving for a cigarette I have copd and I need thither help I have asked about help via champix but he just states that I cant have them and I don't want to start smoking again I have had 2 x-rays done and they state that my chest is fine but I am having big problems breathing and lots off time off work with chest infections so I am losing lots of money can you please advise me what I should do next

many thanks )

Hi Brenda and welcome to Quit Support :-)

First of all congratulations on reaching 16 weeks of being smokefree, that is absolutely marvellous :D :D I'll see that you have your 12 week Winners Badge up against your name :-)

You have posted your queries up on your profile page and it was just by chance that I came across your questions :o So apologies from me for only getting back to you now. I'll pop your query up in a post and our members can then pop on and offer their advice and support to you, you are likely to find that there are others who are going through similar to you and knowing this may help them (and hopefully you) to feel better :-)

Are you receiving any help and support from your local stop smoking service or just from your Doctor? The reason I ask is because you may be missing out on advice regarding behaviour change - this is something that you will get from your local stop smoking service - If you let me know your postcode (in a private message) then I can let you know where the nearest service to you is :-)

We will also offer you as much advice, hints and tips that will enable you to live a smokefree life and get you through your stopping smoking journey :-)

With regards to using the gum - This is a fantastic product, when used correctly and it seems to have helped you so far. Initially, it is recommended to use it on the hour every hour by having a little chew and then just park it at the side of your mouth. Chewing releases the nicotine which is then absorbed through the mucous membrane of your mouth. By over chewing you will release too much nicotine which will then be swallowed - this not only wastes it but is likely to then cause indigestion :o

Just try and make sure you are not chewing on it constantly. Once you feel better and more confident about your quit - you can then just have a little chew on it as and when you feel the urge to smoke :-) or if you are likely to reach a trigger point at any time soon - so for example, you know that you usually smoke after a meal - this would be the time to have a short chew on your gum :-)

There is no harm in continued use of the gum and if you cannot get a prescription in time before running out, I believe that you can buy it quite cheap (a couple of pounds?) from shops such as Home & Bargains for example.

You have come such a way now, there would really be no point in you using something like Champix - I would recommend that you keep on marching ahead in the direction you are going as you really are doing fantastic :-)

COPD can be such a debilitating disease and by stopping smoking you can slow down the process. However, during the early stages of quitting, some people with COPD may feel that their breathing becomes more difficult. This is only because cigarette smoke has certain chemicals in it that numb and widen their smokers airways - allowing more smoke to travel down into their lungs. This feeling of a tight chest or worsened breathlessness may seem frightening at first but it will become easier, I promise. Once the body starts to repair itself, this will become less of a problem.

As I have already said - you are doing brilliantly and how you are feeling seems to be pretty normal at this stage :-)

Keep us posted on how you are doing :-)

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Have you tried the e cigarettes yet?

I had smoked for 55 years upwards of 20 a day and eventually I managed to give up at the end of February this year whilst I was in hospital. I used the morphine days as a way to get over the cravings in the initial stages lol. Anyway I bought an e cig with a minimum amount of nicotine in ti and have managed to stay smoke free.

I have had the most horrendous few months lately with family problems and would normally have given in and gone back to the ciggies but I have not. I have used my e cig a lot more but not gone back to the cigs even though I must admit I have been tempted but have managed to stay quit.

It might be worth a try and they are reasonably priced on the internet and you can try a few to see which one suits you without it costing a fortune.

I started with VYPE and I am now on FIN both can be bought on line.

Good luck and hope you can stay quit hun.

best wishes


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Hi Pat..... Well done to you... I make it that you are 5 months quit now so you need an updated badge :D Fantastic quit and a MASSOOOSSSIVE WHOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO to you :D

EMJAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY new badge please for Nanny Pat :D


All done now ;-)


Thanks :)


Hi and well done for making it this far on the quit journey, you should be so proud of yourself.

Are you quitting cold turkey?

I have quit with the ecig, and to be honest, i found it surprisingly easy, for the most part, although i am not nicotine free, but i am smoke free, and even in my lowest moments, the ecig has really helped me and i know now i will not smoke a real fag again.

As for your chest infections, i think the doc is your best bet there.

Let us all know how you are doing though and keep in touch xx

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oh on a side note, i would stay away from champix as you are doing so well as you are, and also it made me quite depressed, but i know it doesnt affect everyone like that. x


You are so brave. I need to be like you ... With copd and minus the fags. You have added years to what otherwise may have been to your life. Keep strong. What's most important for you ...longer life? ...work? ...satisfying cravings? Best wishes and congrats. You'll keep quit :)) x


Hey Brenda a massive WHOOHOO to you for 16 weeks, that's a great achievement hun, please don't give in now we are all here to support you :D -x-


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