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Day 32

Finally starting to feel a reprieve from the withdrawal symptoms is wonderful. I still have slight headaches and upset stomache a little bit but my gums and teeth are totally fine now and my skin is recovering well. Wow!!! The first month is sort of hell! Makes me never want one again in my life. I pray I don't get weak and take one again. Scares me to death. I wish you all strength!!! I continue my journey and people giving me kudos all the time help in my life. Rock on people. We can do this!!

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Well done on day 32, makes it worthwhile when you can start to see and feel the benefits :) I'm sure you will stay strong as you know exactly what you'd have to go through all over again if you took just one smoke and I'm with you on never wanting to experience that again! Have a great day :)


Well done. Please don't be tempted to start again. It's not easy giving up after being addicted to nicotine, I gave up 18months ago, after 40 years of smoking, and I haven't touched once since, and feel so much better, and I wouldn't want one now, would make me sick. Feel proud of yourself, you are doing fine. Give yourself a treat or 2. I wish you all the best.


WOW Heather 32 days is fantastic.... you go girl :)

Yes the first month is hell but you have come through it so it's onwards and upwards for you now :)


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Hi Heather, I'm very happy to hear you are feeling better than you were, yeah it is hell but you have come through the worst of it, so huge congratulations for getting to 32 days, well done :) keep going one day at a time, your doing brilliant :) x


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