Day 36 and I am Happy!

Today is day 36 for me and I want to know if smoking causes you to feel unhappy or sad? Sunday I found myself singing out loud and dancing as I washed dishes ( neither very well ) but something I had not done in years! While not a depressed person normally, just not real happy, lot on my plate if you know what I mean. But yesterday, I was happy with myself and my life for the first time in years. I am pretty sure it is from not smoking. I am actually proud of myself!

Also, let me say that I live in US in southern Georgia and all weekend I have watched in horror the floods in Texas from Hurricane Harvey and people helping people, no color or race, just all regular people turned heroes helping each other. Proud American, I am praying for strength for those people that are displaced and have lost everything.

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  • The opposite for me, NOT smoking causes me to be depressed. I'm normally an energetic person, but quitting smoking has caused much fatigue for me. I have no desire right now to exercise or even to pick up a book and normally my nose is always buried in a book vs. tv and right now that has changed. I'm hoping this lazy tired feeling doesn't last too long. I'm proud of myself for not giving in to smoking but I prefer having energy.

    Congratulations on your 36 days .... Keep up the fight!

  • Cheryl-Ann, I was depressed, mean, grumpy, sleepy and tired for at least 2 weeks or more but now I am better and you will be too, just hang in there. It's Monday another week begins, upwards from here. Stay Strong.

  • So far I'm just tired and feeling depressed. Can't wait to see that light at the end of the tunnel !!! :)


  • totally understand.

  • I have an ex bro in-law in Houston and my neighbor's kid here in the UK lives in Austin at the moment for school... My American heart goes out to all going through Harvey... I am from Maryland... But have adopted Newcastle and vicinities as my from now on forever home... Be Happy... Enjoy Happy

  • Thank you, Shelba, Pretty dire in Houston, I have some people in Corpus Christi that dodged the eye by just a few miles, so many people without anything in the Houston area, just thankful to be happy!

  • It's a great feeling to be proud of your achievement and that's definitely making you happy. I always think an attitude of gratitude is the best way forward. Watching the footage of those poor people who have been affected by the dreadful floods in Texas and as you say the heroes who help, make us realize how much we have to be thankful for.

    You have every right to be proud of your 36 days smokefree and also your fellow Americans. Well done MAB💐😊

  • Thank you, Briarwood

  • Hi MAB5 five week winner .

    I think I felt the same way at about your stage of giving up I think ( I won't say the word ) drags you down to a gradual low which is mistaken wrongly for relaxation .

    Then as things become more controled you find the reward of more energy available to you.

    And dance away good lady,happy days.

    Enjoy your success you deserve the credit,well done.

    Will get back to you soon.


  • Thank you, Graham, for your support, means a lot to me.

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