A Great Quote I came across this Thursday morning!

Change is hardest at the beginning, messiest in the middle and best at the end.

~Robin S. Sharma~

and then this song comes across the radio...

I will survive

Oh as long as I know how to love

I know I'll stay alive

I've got all my life to live

I've got all my love to give and I'll survive

I will survive,

I will survive! Hey, Hey!

Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive Lyrics

Happy Thursday to Everyone! Its going to be a GREAT Day :D

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  • Haha, been there with the songs. Don't Speak by No Doubt was my song when I missed smoking so much. Sooo love that song. Keep singin, you'll be ok.

  • What a fantastic quote :D

    There's a fair few songs out there that can help spur us on. Sin, love that song and can totally relate to it when thinking back to stopping smoking.

    I wonder what other songs other members have buddied up with during their stopping smoking journey?

    :D :D

  • Hi Kat, love the quote :) x

  • Found another, and its got some very inspiring quotes to go with the lovely music by M People, ooh and not forgetting Moving on Up - she made some great songs thinking about it, maybe Heather Small was in the process of stopping smoking too at the time :D

  • :D :D maybe you right About that Sin

  • Oh and one more, oooh look you've got me tripping down memory lane now on youtube and have so much to do. The Only Way is Up - Yazz that was out in the summer of '88 and I used to sing it more to myself than my son who was born in May of that year and just cried and cried and umm cried some more, mind you he was born with club foot and had plaster boots up to his thighs from being 1 day old which I suppose would kind of make you cry - made me cry too. :(

  • Hey Sinfree, just loving your songs gal :) :) and am hoping your son can walk normally now too :) :) Soooo, he's 26 now then gal if my 1 brain cell is working tonight eh :o I should hope he looks after his mam toooo :) :) x

  • Hi Pete, yes his last op was at 18 months. Does suffer with his feet and ankles though as he is on his feet all day at work and now has a bit of arthritis in them. Yup he is 26, time marches on. :) Eeee, brought back some memories that Yazz song, still love it.

  • :) :) :) x

  • How about this one :o :)

  • Another good one. :)

  • You just made me cry :( -x-

  • Julie, why gal, am soo sorry :( I didnt mean to honestly :(

  • Not you you nana - sin did :o :)

  • Aww, sorry 'bout that droopy, it's a happy song too. My daughter was born with same condition, at one point they were both in plaster - 3yrs and the other 18months, used to get some funny looks when we were out :D

  • Wow that must have been tough, them both in plaster at the same time, thank goodness kids are resilient eh :D

  • yes, we did struggle a bit going out, I couldn't go out with them if I was on my own. Mind you my daughter was at playgroup at the time, as she only had the one leg in plaster she used to go toddling off there and get around quite easily. :)

  • kids are sooo resilient, makes you wonder why you spend sooo much of your time worrying about them!! :)

  • I know, and still worry about them now - tsk. :D

  • Yeh my mum says the same thing, but I am only 21 :D :D and about 300 months ;)

  • :D :D

  • :D we had a budgie at the time, he used to sit on their feet and bite loose bits of plaster off from the end where their toes were, I think he thought it was cuttle fish. He was brilliant that budgie, if we ever had chips from the chippie he always used to come and sit by us waiting for a chip.

  • LOL cuttlefish :D

  • It's weird how just one song brings back so many memories, aww good times.

  • :D that's funny :) x

  • Hi Briarwood, how are you doing with your quitting? And you too droopy, you've been nicotine free for ages now?

  • Nic free 4 weeks tomorrow.... cant believe how quick that has gone.... :)

  • wow, that's good. See 3 month winner, I'm 17 months and still sooo addicted to nic. A good choice to go with the patches :) I tried patches a couple of times in the past but they used to drive me insane with the itching and soreness, ran out of places to stick them :D

  • 17 months smoke free is fantastic :D know what you mean bout the patches.... and I only did them for 12 weeks....!"!! I still had the marks on my body almost two days after taking them off :(

    You'll come off the nic when your good and ready hun :)

  • Aww, bet you're well chuffed that you've survived without the patches, now it's onward and upward :)

  • Yep but cant sit on my laurels.... gave up for a year before now and look where I am ... :(

    Maybe this time is the right time :)

  • Yep, no turning back now.

  • Ok thanks Sin, have been enjoying your stories about the OLDEN days :D we have to believe droopy's too YOUNG to remember :D

  • :D good, glad you're doing OK. haha I believe droopy, thousands wouldn't ;)

  • How are you doing Sin :)

  • I'm OK thanks, still puffing away on the e-cig, I think its just part of me now, maybe one day I might forget to use it.........sometime......in the future :D

    Not had a nicotine lozenge for absolutely ages, that long ago, can't even remember when.

  • Glad you doing ok and that's the main thing, I'm off to bed now so wish you all a good night :) x thanks x

  • nite nite briar enjoy your smoke free Friday :D

    Night bight everyone and also off to bed too and it's dark outside :D

  • Night night briar, sleep well.

  • Of course I'm young, well compared to Monky I am ;) :d

  • :D night droopy, sleep well.

  • and you hun :)

  • Hi ya Kate, just loving your quote gal :) :)

    Hey, you had your hair done or something, cos you look different to last night gal :o :D :D

    I hope you have had a lovely easy Thursday :) :) x

  • thx monky! Just trimmed them eyebrows and wore a little mascara this morning ;)

  • Hmmmm, nice gal, am liking it ;) :D :D

    How has your day been ?

  • Days like these get really hard when you are having a really crappy day at work. And thats no fun when you work 12 hours. Yet only 3.5 hours left to go and still holding on strong. Felt a little bit of cracking here a little bit ago but still holding my head up high :D

  • Good for you Kat, keep that head high :) x

  • Hi Kate. Sorry have hijacked your post and haven't even said hello. 12 hour shifts are very, very long I should imagine.

  • Hello sin! I love all the posts :D Its been keeping me company just reading and keeping my mind busy :D!!! Now that puts a smile on my face :)

  • Oh good, just keep singing "I will survive" and you'll be OK :) Hope your shift is soon over for you :) and that will be another day smoke free - yay

  • Down to only 2.5 hours now! Getting through it... I don't know whats harder now... work... or quitting the smoking. lol

  • aww, well I'm going to bed now. Feel a bit bad saying that when you've got another 2.5 hours to go, hopefully you will sleep well when you finally get home. Night Kate.

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