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Stop smoking cough/sore throat

Hi everyone I've got the quit smoking cough and my throat is killing me! I know it's the healing process but im post operation and the constant coughing is causing me more stomach pain! How long did ppl have this cough for and is there any tries and approved remedies?

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Hi desummers, sorry to hear you post op and yes it will make it harder for you but I coughed only a little and found honey very soothing. It passed quickly and if you can suck a cough sweet and also drink plenty of water to ease the throat :) it's a good sign that your body is healing but maybe just doesn't feel like that right now :( I am a great believer in Vicks chest rub so just rub loads in to help loosen the cough :) hope some of these tips are helpful to you and that you will begin to feel better soon :) sending you hugs to make you feel better :) x

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Thank you Briarwood I shall give these suggestions a go! I know it's worth it for the long run! X


Hi Ds, I wasn't much of a cougher upper when I first stopped but had everything else, I always seemed to clear my throat more though and still do. I think I felt the worse effects on week two to four of my quit, as Briar said it's a good sign as annoying as it is and must be painful if your post op. Well done on your quit so far and keep it up :D :D


Thanks fresher. X


Hi ya Ds, a big warm welcome to this lovely quit smoking site.

I think the Girls have given you some great advice but please do one thing for me, spit the phlegm out into a tissue or something, I know its not very nice to do. Drink plenty of fluids as well.

Just wandering when youre quit date was ?

Speak soon, Pete.


Hi Pete quit date was 11th June this year! I actually don't have alot of phlegm tbh! Thank's I'll keep the water bottle filled :-) x


Aup DS, soooooo, this time next week then, you will have a new shiny 4 weeks winners badge after your name :) :) Way hayyyyyy :) :) and i dooooo hope your cough gets better soon :)

You keep up the good work DS, and if you need any help, then come a shouting eh :) Just try to keep focused and positive on your quit, we are with you all the way gal :) :)

Pete :) x


Aww thanks Pete! 4 weeks already? Time has actually flown by! :-) was at Doctors yesterday and I've got a chest infection and a middle ear infection so antibiotics and plenty of water and I'll be fighting fit soon x


Well done you.... that's really good, stay positive and keep up the good work :D

Cant help you with the cough as I don't have one... :)


Thanks droopyJ :-) x


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