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Hi. I haven't posted for a while. I have been thinking of smoking lately- I think I am stressed and think smoking a cigarette would make me feel better. I have nicorette inhilator but I haven't been using them lately. I haven't been buying tobacco since the end of February. I usually smoked rollies with filter-tips. I was going to rush to the shop before and then I thought having a smoke would probably make me feel sick now anyway.

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  • hey Buttons... your almost 4 months quit...Please don't do it hun..... you make think it will make you feel better but it wont, not in the long run. You'll feel soooo guilty if you do and you will kick yourself.... that is if we don't kick you first....!!! ;) Use your inhalator, that's what its there for...... to give you the boost you need to take away this feeling, this craving that your having.

    Do you know what's making you feel stressed? Can you go and do something else instead? Pete felt a bit like you last nite so he took himself off for a walk and said the fresh air made him feel better..

    Please stay strong, positive and focussed and you know you can come on here at anytime and we will do all we can to help you :) -x-

  • Aup Buttons, its great to see you again and still smokefree tooooo Yippeeeeeeee Doooooooooo :) :)

    Buttons please dont even think about going to the shop, cos if you did buy some of them white sticks and had a smoke, you would definitely feel sick, dizzy and hate yourself for doing it :o

    maybe try doing a breathing exercise, drink some water, thump a cushion, shout out loud :) :)

  • Hi Buttons, the fact that you posted on here for support rather than rushing to buy baccy as your support just goes to show how much you want to be smoke free. Personally I found the 4 month mark really hard and felt very stressed and anxious but it does pass. You're doing really well and I know you'll be relieved that you didn't cave in. The guys and girls on here are fab for helping out in those wobbly moments so stay strong, you can do it :)

  • Hey Buttons - the thing is that a ciggie wouldn't help - as you say, it would probably make you feel sick. You'd have to smoke several before you began to get any positive feelings at all. Remember how hard you had to work at "enjoying" smoking when you first started? You don't want to go through that again, do you?

    And then, of course, at some point, you'd have to quit again - and "enjoy" all of those pleasures again - which would only increase your stresses even more.

    Much better to take about 5 minutes every hour to have a break - listen to or watch some wildlife (if available), smell the air (I hope it is available!) or just stop and marvel at your surroundings. However great the stresses you are under, you CAN actually afford that time and you will achieve more if you take it.

  • Hi buttons

    Hope you're up today and feeling a bit less stressed. It is weird how you can be going along fine, or at least OKish and then when stress and/or anxiety strikes your thoughts fuzz up and you think a fag will make you feel better. Am having the same mind tricks here. But I know it won't, and who wants to go through all the quitting again! Its too damned hard and all that success should not go to waste! You've done so great! You are a star, and be proud of that amazing effort and winning! Absolutely cracking! Get back on that podium!

    I hope you can find some things to do that'll take your mind off your stresses today, doing is the key, sitting thinking is just not helpful I find! And any exercisy thing gives you a lift, a pause, a diversion, a space - walking, hell, anything! Just stripped beds here. 2 months quit and am back to having to go back to basics at the moment, getting busy and diverting.

    Now, gotta get cracking here, for mind and body etc too :)

    Hope you have a good day, no fags, they won't help I promise you! Sending good vibes, hope they reach you :)


  • Aww that's a nice reply Betts and sooo very true. Stessors come and go as sure as day follows night and ex smokers come to realise this and eventually accept that smoking never did really help, we just thought it did.

  • So true sin! Being human and all that :)

  • Good morning Buttons37! Well done for not smoking for the last 3 months! That is a great achievement! Focus on the positives of not smoking and remember that smoking does not ever relieve stress. You need to develop coping strategies as I am sure you have done over the last 3 months. Reach for the inhalator if necessary and have faith in you own abilities. Buttons 1 - Cigarettes 0 - back of the net!

  • thank you all so very very much.

    One thing - I told my local newspaper shop that I had quit smoking - and a few times when I weakened they refused to sell me any cigarettes or tobacco! So the feeling that I NEEDED a smoke of course passed! And that shop makes money I suppose from selling tobacco products but - they thought of me first - even though it was annoying at the time!

    So still I am smoke-free since March 1st 2014 and I intend to never ever return to smoking again!

    (Coz lets face it they are poison)

    Best wishes to everyone!

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