What a Lovely lot of people you are!

What a Lovely lot of people you are!

Thanks for all your lovely comments and encouragement - I see Monkey is still teaching how to do smileys!! I remember asking that when I first came on the site. Last hurdle next Tues(hopefully) - have to have some surgery done - then I want to get over that and get back to having a job!! Thought I'd let you see my lovely cat Poppy, who is an angel in disguise, and as you can see - very layed back!! Keep up the good work all and never give up giving up!! ;)

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  • Beautiful cat, just gorgeous :)

    So happy to hear you are doing so well, and want to wish you all the best for Tues. I'll be on hols, flying I'm the morning, so hope to hear all when back.


  • Everything crossed for you for Tuesday.... Poppy looks like a contortionist (hope that's how you spell it...)


  • Aup Vera, good luck for next Tuesday, and am sending you loads and loads of warm get well soon huggs for then :) :)

    Love your pussy by the way :)

    Take care now V, see's ya soon :) xx

  • What a beautiful cat, good luck with your surgery and then to get on with your life keep smiling x

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