What's with wanting to push my teeth out?

What's with wanting to push my teeth out?

Hi all

Here's a weird one now.....I went to the dentist a few weeks' back, long overdue, and had a good 'clean' which was a good thing, as I'd not long started my quit and felt I deserved to at least have clean teeth to be going on with.  However, over the last couple of days I have had an overwhelming desire to push my teeth out with my tongue, as they feel a bit sore and wobbly, even though they're not (wobbly).  It's horrible.  Sort of sore gums and the other night I felt like ripping my teeth out.  Obviously, this would be a foolish thing to do, so I refrained, but it's not a good sensation, nevertheless...  Since having my teeth cleaned, I have been taking care to floss and clean well, like a good girl, and have also been swilling a mouthwash around my newly clean and non-tobacco-stained teeth on a regular basis.  Just wondered if anyone else has had similar feelings/sensations in their teeth and gums since quitting?

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  • Ooh as I was reading this I started pushing my teeth with my tongue.... Flippin eck whatever you do don't start talking about jumping off cliffs 🙀🙀

    I wonder if it's got something to do with having nice clean teeth?? A bit like when I get my nails polished (not often ) I always want to touch them...!!

    Or maybe your just weird😂😂💛

  • LOLOL!! Probably I'm just weird, or my teeth might be jumping for joy because I've quit smoking!  Seriously, though, I reckon it's something to do with increased blood flow to gums, which can cause some initial soreness as they're just not used to having that level of blood flow and sensation!  My teeth and gums are in shock, or maybe I can just feel them now because they're not covered in fur!  Yuk!!!  It's nice to have clean feeling teeth - yet another advantage of not smoking any more.  My teeth are probably trying to say "thank you" in their own way.  I just wish they'd settle down a bit though :-D

  • Yeah the sore gums is a symptom of withdrawal I'm afraid.... Your right about the extra blood flow especially as you have had them scraped and cleaned.....It's the pushing of teeth I ain't so sure about😊

  • I think I'm pushing them (it's only the bottom ones at the front) as it gives me something to do!  Poor teeth! LOL!!  They'll be leaving home at this rate :-D

  • Oh the joys of quitting😂😂 better get a straw to chew coz it might be kinder to those teeth or sugar free gum🚭😊

  • Hi moonweaver, totally understand, I have suffered gum problems with smoking , but since quitting and having deep clean , gums sensitive and some blood when floss, several weeks later. Last visit the dentist says because there is more blood supply to teeth now. 

    My teeth are whiter, but we are getting more blood to our gums so things will settle down, just keep going for your regular checkup and use mouthwash, you will be ok xx

  • Hey moonweaver  dont get into a habit of pushing your teeth with your tongue, This young lady got carried away and went past her teeth.  lol.


    Take care. xx

  • Oh yuk!!!  Perish the thought of ending up like that!! LOL!! xx

  • Hi Moonweaver☕️☕️

    My teeth ached for a couple months.. It's the blood flow and oxygen circulating in your body and into your teeth  because they been deprived for so long of oxygen and blood flow ... The gums are shedding dead skin as Monky reassured me and making fresh healthy skin... Weird hey... Our bodies are coming alive👍🏻🌷🌹🌸☀️

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