Been quite 2 weeks now 😊

Ok guys so iv been quit 2 weeks Iv spoken to my pharmacy regarding my nurves system feel like there either twitching or bloody attacking me very uncomfortable but what iv learnt is not only does the toxins affect your lungs but also affects your nurves 2 shocking that alone makes you not want to light up again has anyone else had issues with there nurves ?

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  • Hiya Bonnie, congrats on your 2 weeks quit👍🏼

    Sorry to hear you're having a tough time☹️

    Smoking affects so much of our bodies from causing cataracts to poor circulation and everything in between😩

    It can also increase anxiety so perhaps some breathing techniques would help calm everything down. Most side effects will pass so hang in there and be very proud of yourself. NOPE not one puff ever🚭🚭🚭🚭

  • You can say that again seriously fed up feel so restless I suffered an anxiety attack last night was petrified tried the breathing was settling down for bed aswell got pins and needles in my feet grr help

  • Hi Bonnie,

    Anger , anxiety, irritability are all a part of getting through the first month... Do you use NRT? That should help abit.... Hang in there... You're doing really well despite all the symptoms of withdrawal .... Not One Puff Ever🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭

    1puff= 1pack

  • Hi yes tried nicotine patches in the beginning few days quitting but it wouldn't make me fully a quitter so had the will power to just go cold turkey my nurvers system feels like its attacking me if that all all makes sense I'm not giving in iv come to far but am I suffering :(

  • It's okay to use NRT a lot of people use it for a few months or longer....... Anything to stay off the cigarettes..... I used it for one week because during that week my withdrawals were so bad..... I'm going cold turkey. My first month I was exhausted!! My teeth ached , I had headaches..... I had the sweats on and off.... If it wasn't for the senior quit people on this site reassuring me this was all normal, I would have lit up

    Hang in there and you're still a non smoker if you use a bit of NRT


  • Thank you hunny means alot I honestly wasn't mentally or physically ready for the withdrawals but I'm determined to quit regardless this site and the people on it are amazing so reasuring positive mind thinking I keep reminding myself y iv quit and keep going back to that but the anxiety seriously gets the better of me some times x

  • When your anxiety hits Bonnie, try to write down how this is making you feel. Put all the positives down on paper and there are many more reasons for quitting than there is for lighting up. Focus on all those good reasons to stay quit and breathe slow and deep. stay determined and fight for your freedom, you can do it🚭🚭🚭😊

  • Iv been writing down how iv been feeling and my moods exc as suffer depression aswell I'm also on anxiety tabs only when needed I think yesterday was such a stressful day and was really lacking in sleep the anxiety just suddenly appeared so done what you said about the breathing helped a little was still a little scared to drop off I'm honestly trying and I'll push myself as far as I can to stay quitting also feeling very tired is this normal I'm so lucky to have such layed back children so no stress today x

  • Unfortunately feeling tired is another side effect but it will settle down and in the meantime hang on tight coz this quit journey is a roller coaster of emotions. Just take one day at a time and know that we're all here for you💐😊

  • Oh god ok briarwood I'm just hoping I get a better nights sleep tonight didn't want to get out of bed this morning will let you know how I get on tomorrow xx

  • Ok so I went to bed after taking my antidepressants and anxiety tab slept well until 5.30 this morning woke up feeling I couldn't breath sweaty dry mouth arrrg just want a full nights sleep :'( x

  • There's a post called stopping smoking and feeling depressed under pinned posts on the right. Have a read of that Bonnie coz a lot of chemical changes are going on in the brain. One of our lovely members Roneo wrote some great posts about this, have a read of those too. Many members have sleep problems initially and this is really difficult to cope with as well😩 My heart goes out to you as I know you're suffering💐❤️

  • Oh yes!! Nearly 3 weeks and I'm either hyper active all day and unable to sleep at night, or dozing all day and off to bed early. Can't make any plans as I never know which sort of day I'm going to have until it happens!

    While my 'normal' nature is to be efficient, never late etc. I haven't completed any task lately, laundry's piled high and family is lucky if I remember to buy food, let alone cook it!

    I Don't care because I haven't had a cigarette for the whole of this month and I haven't attacked anyone either:)

    Hang on in there and together we'll all beat this horrid addiction and come out of the other side with smug grins :)

  • Have you had any problems with your nurvers system shenan?from what iv heard quitting smoking is harder than coming off an illegal drug absolutely shocking no wonder y I feel the way I do good on you women keep going strong 💪 I wish I had your thrive and get go send us some this way xx

  • It sure is tough enough to do so I'd believe that. Can you explain exactly what your symptoms are and I'll reply tomorrow?

    Sending you strong vibes because you CAN manage one more day, then another one and . . . . .

    Too tired to think any more, nite x

  • Bonnie--r  u  ok??

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