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Do you really want to give up smoking?????

I am writing this in the hope that it might help everyone who wants to give up smoking,

but up until now has failed.

I tried many times to quit smoking and always failed, until my last try some years ago, and this information helped me to quit.

I had no other help than this:

1) look deep into yourself for the right reason for you to quit smoking,

and when you find it you will be half way home..

2) refuse to buy any more cigarettes/

3) when you are tempted to give in and start smoking again,

think of the reason why you quit.

4) when you are tempted to smoke do something to take your mind off of the cigarettes, like clean the house or if your male clean the car. Or my personal favourite bake a cake!

5) drink plenty or fresh orange juice to clear your system in the first 2 weeks.

If you keep remembering why you want to quite smoking you will succeed, I did and it's easy if you keep the right frame of mind.

I gave up 60 a day back when they were only £1-00 for a pack of 20!

All I have to do now is think how much I have saved and I feel better.

Good Luck

If I can do it anyone can.

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Good advice reddog. Very well done to you .:)



I just read here how many people were really suffering and still wanted to quit smoking so I thought I should share my own experience.

I did go to my GP and ask for help to which I was told

You need to use your willpower.....

needless to say. I knew that.......so I got short shift there.....

I thought I had better find a way of helping myself, and that's what I came up with.

I hope others will find my method of quitting helpful too, it all depends on them finding their "key" as to why they want to quit because nothing short of a serious reason will do, and each person knows what their own "key reason" is, it just takes a little while to search inside themselves to find out what it is, that is time worth spending

I didn't want to brag...if sharing my personal experience helps just one person to quit smoking it's worth it.


Hi reddog and thanks for sharing that with us. I can't seem to remember when cigs were £1 a pack but strangely enough I can rember paying about 35p for a pack. :D :D It took me a lot longer to get to the quit stage but I did finally manage it and yes, I agree, it is worth it. :)



I think it's been about 26 or so years since I quit smoking, so cigarettes were just under a £1-00 for 20 then and I said to my family once the government put them up to a £1-00 I will refuse to buy them again.

Actually that was my reason for quitting, and I am still amazed at just how much money the government wastes every year of the tax payers money, so when I have a moment of temptation to smoke again I just remind myself of the government (no matter which one is in), they waste enough money every year to run one NHS hospital perhaps even more, who knows where all the taxes go? so that thought gives me enough resolve to stay a non smoker.


I am glad that I have a stubborn streak....



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