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going well


Well this is my 5th day of not smoking finding it hard first thing in the morn wen i get up i seem to have a craving for one then !! Also was hard for me on Sat night wen i was out having a drink with friends but i stayed strong and didnt cave in to my cravings hopefully can keep it up as ive a few nights out coming up !! im finding the patches good but they seem to be leaving a red marks on were ever i have had them on that day i still hve a red mark on my arm from fri were i had my patch :( x

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Hi jo33, I don't think I've managed to grab a chat with you yet :-/

Anways, welcome aboard our Quit Support family :-)

It sounds like you are doing really well and are fast heading towards getting your first week under your belt, well done!

The more mornings that you overcome, the easier it will become :-) You've done fab going out for a drink and not caving in, just remember to be prepared and then you will be less likely to slip up. Maybe when you next go out, make sure you take your extra 2nd choice of product with you - whether this is the gum or the inhalator. I would probably suggest using the inhalator as you can use it as you need it. With the gum, you may find that you will 'wash' the nicotine down with your drink. Whereas the inhalator can just be used as and when you need it :-)

Don't worry about the marks from the patches, this is normal and you'll find that the marks will soon go. You may also find that with continued use, it won't bother you as much :-)

Let me know your quit date and I'll add your name up on our Wall of Winners - the place where every quitter is a winner :-)

Keep on, keeping on - you're doing brill :D

jo3313 MONTHS WINNER in reply to EmJay

my quit date was fri 07.03.14:) i am visiting the smoking nurse at my health centre this evening for my weekly chat and to go over the products best to suit me have been using the chewing gum but not liking it much as made me feel sick for some reason and was given the lozenges and find these a great help:) cant believe that this no smoking day will be the first i havnt smoked :) also got great support in work as there a few of us all stopped around the same time :)


Jo your doing brilliantly BIG well done. :) :)

jo3313 MONTHS WINNER in reply to jillygirl

Well done to you for hvin stopped a year hope i can do the same hve noticed so many differences in my 5 days :):)


Huge pat on the back for your fantastic effort. 5 days is bloomin great.Sounds like you have the right support network in place and that you're getting your NRT sorted out as well.You definitely have this Sussed I think.Good Luck and let us all know how you get on.H x

jo3313 MONTHS WINNER in reply to yellowsnowdrop

i hope i do have it sussed out just seems to be easier this time this will be my 3rd attempt to stop. hopefully i have got my nrt sorted think its about trying diff products to see wat best suits u and deffo does help wen others have stopped too along wit you :)

Joanna x


Morning Jo33. welcome to day 6. I'm there too as I quit the same day as you and going the patch's route, although keep forgeting to put them on in a morning. Are you starting to find the cravings are going down a bit now as I've noticed its not too intense for me now. Well keep up the good work, lets get today and tomorrow done and its a week. Take care, Tim

jo3313 MONTHS WINNER in reply to thiett

Morning to U too :) my cravings are jus seem to to bestrong in the morn but I jus take a lozenge and it helps me:) I was a bit daft I went to bed last nite wit my patch on oopps .:D


thiett7 MONTH WINNER in reply to jo33

Oops. Not done that one yet, although if they are 24hr ones they won't be any issue i don't think. Apparently they give some interesting dreems. Might have to give it a wirl myself and see what thats all about. Cravings for me tend to be more evening, possibly something to do with having a couple of beers :-). When i smoked, it would be a good 2-3 hours after waking i'd have a ciggy, and even then i did it out of routine than actually wanting it, but then if i broke the routine, i would then crave. Kinda getting used to a new routine now, and walk straight past that ash tray outside work on my way in.

jo3313 MONTHS WINNER in reply to thiett

No they not the 24hrs ones and yes can confirm had some strange dreams last night lol. i would have had a ciggy as soon as i got up in the morn but as you say out of habit so i now try and keep busy first thing ,my house will be spotless at this rate and will have nothing left to clean lol i also seem to be craving the one as soon as i finish in work but just use a lozenges now instead :) and started to excerise more as im finding im not as breathless doin my circuit class :)

sophloch7 MONTH WINNER

well done Jo, your doing great. :)

jo3313 MONTHS WINNER in reply to sophloch

Early days for me but hopefully getting there:)


Afternoon Jo, sounds like you are doing really well. Great to hear that you have a plan of action in the way of cleaning on the go :-)

Give us a shout if you need owt :-)

jo3313 MONTHS WINNER in reply to EmJay

i no it keeps me busy in the morn as i dont start work unil 11am and im still up early enough, my partner thinks its great as he thinks he got away without doin any cleaning. :0

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