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Well the heatings on !!!!!!

Hubby and I. Have just done our Friday weigh-in on the bathroom scales !!! I have weighed the same as last week :-) but hubby has gained weight !! He's not a happy bunny :-) shame because he's been trying so hard all week, with no cakes, biscuits and a reduced sugar beer, Oh ec !!

I'm quite happy though, being off the ciggies hasn't made me eat more, even though my taste buds are better :-)

BUT I am still using my e-cig as my comfort ( or dummy ) !!!!! :-/ Whatch this space, as one day !!!!! :-)

Hope everyone has a stress free day, :-)

It really is great not to put those DAM ciggies in my mouth anymore !! :-)

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Aup Sunny :) yep ave got the heating on here too :( brrrrrrr

A big well done to you gal, for sticking with it, AND not putting weight on :) :) hmmmmm I think you will have to tell hubby to get out in the garden and do some digging, or get a rowing machine, cos that seems to be keeping my weight down at the moment :o

See ya soon, Pete :)


Well Pete hubby and I did a 6 mile walk today !!! :-/ and had a healthy salad for our tea, Just about to adjust my Halo !!!!! :-)

Have a good night,


:D :D :D nice one gal !! as in halo :D :D

I hope you have a lovely nights sleep and if you have a dream, then let it be a beautiful one :) nite nite gal :)


It's the weight thing that's hard so well done for staying on track.I'm glad I've found another ECig user.What kind do you use ?I have a Skycig and my guilty pleasure is that with a cinnamon cartridge with my coffee in the morning, better than a cigarette any day.


Hi, I have a ' Totally Wicked ' e-cig, and use Menthol, and yes it's the mornings that I need it the most !!!! :-/

But hey hopefully one day soon i wount need that either !! :-)

Sure you feeling the same, x


Totally feeling like that but with a bit of patience & determination we'll get there.


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