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Snow, Snow... go away!!


Some hope up here... we've had snow in late June some years, and it's at it again now!

I refuse to get angry about it, (Grrr...) 'cause if I do, I lose the Plot, and want a remembered comforter - a ciggie, no surprise there then. So, just about two weeks coming up, and I definitely haven't had too hard a time - YET!

For me, the Ecigs have helped very much, because they have taken the panic out of me.

I know that too will need stop eventually. But, because I'm used to "instant gratification" with the Rollups, I don't think I'll lose that obsession in a few weeks - It's going to take time to learn new ways to live. Lets face it - a 50 year habit is pretty well entrenched in my head!

I think that is going to be one of the YET's, and why people can crave a smoke memory even a long time after stopping. I'm sure the key is - to accept a craving/obsession will happen occasionally, and not let it frighten us to lite-up that first puff again. The memories of our smoking days will never completely go away, (that would be expecting too much surely).

So, I have a lot of new ways of thinking to learn - (might make this smoke free life more interesting... yeah... why not!) I may as well look forward to it, instead of being resentful and sulky. That way of thinking just screw's me up every time.

Thank you to everyone that suggested drinking more water to help with the Headache and the Ecig, I'm sure your'e right. Trouble with me is - I don't like cold drinks, so it will have to be hot water, (Ugg). And as I don't drink alcohol either... I'll maybe try hot Ribena!

Enjoy Sunday good folk, and remember - when that torment of a craving bites... well, it won't last forever. "This too shall pass".

Gill, xx

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Hey Gill, I'm the same when it comes to 'trying to drink' the recommended amount of water, so I usually pop some cordial in and enjoy drinking it hot. Cuts dwn on the amount of caffeine too :-)

2 weeks smokefree is great, however it is still early days so don't start worrying about feeling ths wy forever. The more days, cravings and thoughts that pass then the easier it will become for you :-)

You have already started to make fresh new memories of a newer healthier lifestyle. However, cravings are crafty and work with your mind to bring up what you believe to be 'nice' memories of smoking. Leading you to believe that you 'miss' and 'enjoyed' smoking :-/

Try and work with yourself/mind to remember the 'not so nice' parts of smoking and your reasons for wanting to stop. The smelly breath, the bad taste in your mouth, the wasted money spent, your poor health, lungs, heart, blood pressure, gums.... The list is endless....

I can't believe there's still snow about... Crazy :-/

Keep up the good spirits and remember that you are heading in the right direction :-)


Thanks EmJay, I'll try the Hot juices. So far 2day... so good. If you lot ever miss the Snow - I'll send you some... Free Postage n Packing! xx


Yaye! Our own free 'build-your-own snowman through the post! :-/


Hi Gilly,

That's great that you've got to 2 weeks :) I found that time really hard, but it's a lot better now, it will get easier for you :)

I always try to keep my mind busy, not easy with one brain cell :o :D :D, and think of the negatives of smoking, especially my Grandson arriving soon, I don't want any smoke/smoke smells near him.

Before i used to try and keep busy, if i was sitting down i'd do a crossword, even the stupid games on facebook, anything to occupy myself.

I can't believe you still have snow, i remember snow in May right enough but not June :o, we've had a lot this year so I think i'll pass on you offer :D :D

Stay strong, you'll get there, hope you have a great craving free day :) xx


Hey Sue, happy Sunday to ya! Yep, early days yet for sure? But trying the gum today instead of Ecigs. Don't like the idea much of this still inhaling stuff

I'll see how I go. Stay safe n well. xx


Gill, the gum is a fantastic product when used in the correct way. Some people complain that it doesn't work, however it's because they don't use it properly... They tend to see it as a chewing gum and get busy chomping away at it. Every chew releases nicotine and this can get a bit much for the person.

So.... if you're using the gum - remember to only chew it when you feel a craving coming on. Once you have chewed it a couple of chews and can 'feel / taste' the nicotine, park it up at the side of your gum... Until you need it again :0)

Another little tip is that if you are going to be drinking more fluids, try not to drink just after you have chewed... or with the gum in your mouth as this will rinse the newly released nicotine away.

I hope I've explained this properly, I've probably made it sound more complicated than u actually mean :-/

If you need me to clarify, just give me a shout, i work with one brain cell on a Sunday! :0)

monkyAdministrator in reply to EmJay

Huh, I work with 1 brain cell all the flippin time :o ''Women'' tut tut, :P :P

Gill, our lovely Emjay has said it all gal, she knows the best, even if she is only firing on 1 brain cell today :o :|

Take care Gill, cos your doing so so well :) :)

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Hey Monky,

How're doing...? hope it's been an easy Sunday for you. Don't Weekends go quick when your working. I don't miss the early starts at all, ( the joys of being retired). I was never a Morning person....

Ta for your continuing encouragement- makes a difference, instead of struggling on alone!

Night to ya,


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Ta EmJay, The Gum has been fine today, minty and quite strong really. Good to know how to use it properly though, as I was drinking with it in my mouth!

All told it's been another fine day, not missing the Rollups much at all ( a bit worrying!). But early, early days yet I know.

( Perhaps you only ever need 1 brain cell if it's of Premium Quality!).

Night, Gill,

Wish I could find smiley's on this IPad thingy.


Hi Gill Just got back in and have been reading your blog and the answers. I'm like you as I don't like cold drinks not even on a red hot summers day so I tend to drink hot water as I don't mind it too much but I do drink hot Ribena at least twice a day and in between make a hot lemon drink or lemon and lime drink by putting slices in a cup and pouring boiling water on. If you think it will be too sour to drink have a little sip and then either put a sweetener in or put a (small) teaspoon of sugar or if you've got some honey dissolve a small amount in your drink as remember it isn't sugar (in moderation) that puts you weight on it's the fat content on foods that do so as there is no fat in sugar or just a trace depending on what type of sugar you use you should be fine and dandy. (Believe me having taken just over 5 years to shift a load of (excessively excess) weight I am quite good on what to and what not to eat).

Like Sue, I have resorted to all sorts of silly stuff to occupy my mind - I found a very old game of solitaire the other week (round plastic container with the plastic pegs!) and have started carrying that about with me to do to keep my hands occupied and, touch wood, it does work until that is I get frustrated because it don't work out!!!!!!!!!!!!! Besides doing crosswords, trying making a crossword of your own - sometimes if you use a theme for the answers that helps. I do them for two (not so little) girls that we know and they seem to quite enjoy filling them in as long as I haven't made them too big or complicated. Their mum tells me that she keeps some of them back for when its raining and they can't play outside as it keeps them occupied and helps the elder one with (daft as it sounds) reading (the clues) and spelling.

I'm sorry but I can't help with the ecig or gum as I haven't used either but hope that the little I have said may be of some use to you.

Stay strong as together we can do this - and that's a promise!

Take care



Hi there Buttons,

Ta for your tips, all very handy, good to know about the Fat/Sugar mix too.

Yep, I can drink lime/lemony stuff, but I don't take sugar, so It will be fine enough. I really cannot abide cold drinks... In fact I don't like Cold anything! ( Hum - how did I end up in the North East of Scotland then...!). Ah well, I'll get down to my folks in " the Lancashire Rivera" in the Autumn for a warm up!

Night, sleep good.


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