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Stopped the Patches now!! Whoop WHoop!!

I'm on day 58 today of Not smoking, and I have been a week without the NRT patches.

I didn't cut them down from the high dose to the low dose, I just forgot to put one on one day, and the next day I thought to myself, that I didn't need them anymore, so hence NO MORE patches!!

I still chew the 4mg gum and have the odd puff on my cherry flavour e-cig, but feel a bit better knowing I'm not overdosing on the nicotine now.

I must say though, I still don't feel any better in myself. My skin looks crap, my hair looks like poo and generally I feel like poo. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to discuss my anti-depressants, so hopefully we will find a way to cope with life!! My husband wants me to get on a plane and go somewhere hot, but the thought of me getting on a plane freaks me right out!!

I do fly every year, but as I get older, the flights seem to scare me more, so I am becoming more reluctant to fly.

OMG, I'm becoming a hermit!!

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Hi Kirsty72, Your doing really well 58 days is brilliant. I think you have to give your body time to adjust to the no smoking. Your skin and hair will improve , just to be patient. Why not book a holiday in England or even France that way if you have to fly its not for long. Hope the doctor can help you tomorrow. :) :)


Hi Kirsty 72, Great your off the nicotine patches, the e-cig should do the trick for now, I use one and have reduced nic level down to 10, hard at first but I'm used to it now, next level will be 6, that will be another challenge !

Don't worry about how you are feeling at the moment, I've been going through some strange changes too, I'm convinced it's all to do with the MENTAL affects of stopping smoking, what a powefull drug it is ! Once we train our minds to accept the change we will be ' Tickety Boo '. As others on this lovely forum will verify.

It just takes time.

Here's to a Healthier older age ! :-) :-)


Hey there Kirsty,

Firstly mt flower WELL DONE on the 58 days, how COOL are you.I had to laugh at the bit where you forgot to put your patch on that's the best way to go I think.O. K then now for the rest.As someone who was on fairly heavy duty antidepressants for quite some time (I'm talking YEARS rather than months) they do play havoc with hair, nails and skin. As others have said be patient, get your health problems sorted and then think about coming off them, it's a bit like giving up the cigs, take your time.

Flying scares me too, I pretend it doesn't but it does, however, I just now see it as a means to an end. If I want to go somewhere and the quickest way is to fly then I just shut my eyes and go.We're doing 14 hrs from Newcastle to Bangkok (we have a 2 hr stopover in Dubai) and although I'm NOT looking forward to the flight I AM looking forward to seeing Bangkok again. Find somewhere not too far away so the flying time is minimal.You're a real SUPERSTAR keep going. H x


Hi yellowsnowdrop,

Thank you for your support and kind words. I do seem to have a terrible memory tho, lol.

I have been on Citalopram for 20 years. I was on the max dose of 60mg for 5 years, but they had to cut me down as research suggested that the highest dose could cause a heart attack, so they cut me down sharply!! Am on 40mg now which is still the highest dose I can go. So I don't think it's them that's making my skin bad after all this time.

Not sure what the doctor is going to say tomorrow, but I seem very sensitive on trying new tablets, but hey ho, let's see.

I am okay on a plane once I'm up, it's the taking off and landing that freaks me out.

But I am really jealous of you going to Bangkok. When are you off?

Kirsty x


Hey there Kirsty,

Good luck with the doc tomorrow,let me know how you get on.HOW weird that it's take off and landing,same for me.My hubby laughs at me and tells me I cut off the circulation in his hand I grip it so hard !! I sit by the window I'd rather know in advance if anything is going wrong.Had a very close shave once nearly landing & then going up again in what seemed vertically at the time, 2 planes given the same runway !!! All was well tho.

We go to Bangkok the first week in September,it'll be our 4th time.We have 3 nights in Bangkok and then go down the coast to either Cha Am or Hua Hin,this time it's Hua Hin,have to say it's one of my favourite places on the world.You're doing really well,never forget that.Stay strong.Hugs Helen x


Hi Kirsty and well done on getting to 58 days. I remember that at about 2 months into my quit I got a really low mood and I think a lot of people are affected in this way. It's a bit like a bereavement or losing a "friend" which you have to come to terms with eventually.

A flight to somewhere nice and hot and sunny would surely do you some good. The added bonus of not smoking is that you don't have to worry about not being able to smoke for so long. It really is liberating. :)

Good luck at the doc's and let us know how you got on, eh? Hugs from Andi. xxx :)


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