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Still going strong and loving it!!!

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Rikkitan22 Months Winner
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101 days not smoking feeling so good best thing I have ever done even went on holiday and didn't want a cig that's some willpower right there!!!

Very happy with myself!!! Thanks to all of you lovely people who have helped much love x

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Hiya Rikkitan, brilliant that you are doing so well, 101 days is fantastic. I remember when you joined and look at you now. Be very proud of yourself. Congratulations and well done to you, hope you had a good holiday :) x

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That's brilliant Rikki! And so you should be ! :)


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Hi Rikkitan, that's a fantastic 101 whole days and I bet you enjoyed your holiday more for feeling healthier :) 101 days must also mean you need a nice new 3 month winner badge too, best you tap Monky up for one of them :) well done :) x

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monkyAdministrator in reply to LilyMay73

Thank you Lily and as you see, its already sorted :) :)

Good morning Lily :) I hope your well and having a nice day :)

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LilyMay73LONG TERM WINNER in reply to monky

Morning Monky, see you're just too good to us :) such efficiency :) have a food day x

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Aup Rikki, thats fantastic news pal :) :) hmmmm, so thats 102 days now then :)

I've just bin out and court your new Winners badge, soooo you wont get any fresher than that eh :o :D :D

Thank you Rikki for coming on here and letting us know how well your doing, thats just ACE pal :) :)

Speak soon :)

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WOOHOO!!!!!! Great work Rikki geting to 101 days...that is awesome.

Keep up the great work :)

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